Saturday, 19 September 2015

Saturday - unexpected progress

Just 14 signed in today as there was one group off on a main line steam trip and others were committed to duties on the Thomas event.

So working our way through the workshops we stat with new skirting boards for the DMU These were white now painted in Gloss Black ready for fitting.

Maurice progressed the internal painting completing the cream window surrounds in the main second class section and half of the smaller front section.

 Upstairs in the upholstery shop Penny was making an under cover to go over the bare springs before the padding and top cover.

John Hill and Dave repaired some of the said springs  with locking a broken section together with more wire.

There are now another 11 seats sections ready for fitting back into the second DMU carraige.

Back in the paintshop George continued the painting of the Shark ballast plough.

In the workshop James assisted by John Squires made great progress with the plating of the south end of FO 3132.

By the end of the day the central section was complete and ready for the corridor connection to go back on.

There is a little more welding to do on the outer edges next week.

At the north end Ian set about stripping out the panelling ready for welding. Malcolm was assisting with labelling of all the bits that came off!.

John Osborn could have been said to be going round in circles.

14 of them actually. These are new spacer plates for adjusting the ride height of the bogie springs.

This is a new requirement for us since we started overhauling the bogies ourselves.

The most un-expected  progress was on the Boiler carriage where John Hamer started investigating the removal of the old and rusted water tanks.

There are 8 bolts securing each tank but not fitted consistently. some had nuts on top others underneath.

Some came off easily and other refused to move.

At the north end having managed to remove 7 of the 8 bolts.

Malcolm sat patiently and waited armed with a socket to undo the last bolt.

The other one is under here somewhere!
Ian and John trying to get the a socket in place.

Later I had a go as well.

While we moved it a little we failed to actually remove it.

We left it soaking in WD40, another day another socket and it will surrender.

Of course getting the nut and bolt apart will be good but at present we haven't worked how we will actually move the tanks out. They are very big and very heavy.

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