Saturday, 12 September 2015

Saturday Corners

You get those days every now and then where everything seems to be about dealing with the little bits and corners rather than the big panels. Today was one of those days.

First Phil was cleaning up the corner under the stairs to the mezzanine. Blanking of the steps themselves. This is now part of the new workshop storage area.

Later with the painting done and the final sweep up in progress we start to see the vast improvements.

In the DMU centre car toilets Steve was first fitting the floor

 The filling all the corners of the toilets, the sink in one corner

and all repeated again in the other toilet.

Then there was the fiddly bits round the luggage racks. Its a good job the seats and frames are out of the way at the moment. Space to move.

Both ends of the carriage were getting attention, here to the connector linings

and here to the patched corner.

The shark has its own little fiddly bits, George having painted the side black went back with the small brush to paint round the grab handles.

Clive was finding just how many corners there are inside the Shark's cabin as he took on the roof, continuing out onto the veranda's for more of the same.

Just a little puffed after finishing the weld of the window corners, this window 6 on the Malvern side. Just the rex oxide to go

and then its on with the adjacent window 5 which has now been removed ready for repair.

James was assessing which corner to tackle first. Conclusion finish the far side then move onto the nearside corner.

but he had to wait for few minutes while Dave showed one of the three tour groups we had visit today the sort of work we do!

Out in the barn Ken was dealing with the hinge mounts for the guards door Cotswold side. The door was scraping along the floor due to some hinge issues.

That damaged the bottom of the doors so we also did some repairs to that and prepared it for painting. As the guards door open inward its better to get the bottom edges painted while the door is off.

While we were at it we also extracted an spare door from the stores with a view to replacing one of the doors on BSK 34929. One of todays visiting groups recounted how they are having to restore a similar carriage out in their yard. Good luck to them we shall get round to bringing ours into the workshop in due course.

Stuart sent me these two picture of the first complete set of seats in the DMU driving car.
Stuart added:

'The seat upgrade programme for the Class 117 DMU is progressing apace thanks to the hard work of the upholstery team. The south car has been fitted out with re-upholstered seating ready for a starring role in presentation of the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service on Monday. 

As these pictures show the car looks splendid with the refreshed seating fitted, all the more considering that this has been accomplished to meet a tight deadline. Well done all' 

Indeed well done.

So here are the three members of that team

Dave cleaning off the perished foam from the next DMU seat, well we still have the other carriage to do.

John cutting out the foam padding

while Penny sews the covers.

The other fiddly job of the day was to replace the non working vacuum cylinder under 13329.

So that's what the company secretary does!

The carriage was removed from the running rake during the week for the replacement to be made.

If you don't think this is a fiddly job just come along and help us do some time! The vacuum cylinder is very heavy and it has to be positioned very precisely to secure it in place.

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