Monday, 7 September 2015

Saturday - Bachmann Collectors Club visit

Report by Dave Clark

Today was a very busy day for the railway in general with a visit by 150 members of the Bachmann Collectors Club and another large group all of whom toured C&W!

The Bachmann group, split into 12 sub groups, for tours around C&W went very well, and we received many compliments about both the tours and the work we do. Special thanks to Richard Stone, John Squires and Stuart Hamilton for helping with the tours, and to John Osborn, John Hamer, James and others for giving demonstrations and extra talks.

Malcolm Dickson, having been one of the on-train hosts for one of the main groups, also took a another visiting party around the Works.

During the gaps between the tours I was able to take a few photos. Dave forgot to take any pictures of the tours!

With the tours as a backdrop work was still on going.

Tony Caulfield primed a large part of the newly installed ceiling in the south compartment of the DMU centre car (thank you Tony - sorry I missed you).

With the floor reinstated in the Cotswold side toilet compartment, Steve began inserting the supports for the new floor in the opposite compartment.

The heavy ply board flooring was later primed ready for installation.

Moving along to the Shark ballast plough, with much of the repair work now completed, more undercoating took place. George completed the dark grey on the outside, while Paul Ellis and Kevin Broughton (not pictured) worked in the veranda and cabin respectively.

Richard Stone kindly created a small display board for our visitors showing the Shark in the early stages of its refurbishment.

In the Workshop FO 3132 steadily progresses at the south end. James cleans up his latest welded patch, while John Squires checks a newly cut piece of sheet metal against the cut-out. 

On the Malvern side, another window surround repair will soon be completed as John Osborn cleans up the newly inserted corner section. John later demonstrated the plasma cutter to our visitors while preparing the long narrow sheet to go along the base of the window.

A quieter spell for John Hamer as he prepares a steam heating hose.

Phil (along with Paul Wood, Ian, Andy, and others) has done a brilliant job sorting out the new storage areas in the Workshop. Here he is drilling holes in the back of some shelving before securing it to the end of the tool bench.

At some time or other we all forget to pick up the sandwich box as we leave home and end up with no lunch.

On this occasion, the wrong box was taken out of the fridge. Cold mashed potato anyone?

Suffice to say that John O. didn't go hungry, thanks to the kindness of the Bachmann staff who had some spare packed lunches.

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