Friday, 18 September 2015

A good number

Report by Dave Clark

A good number of us are now working on the DMU centre car throughout then week. The planned event at the end of October using the DMU has risen to 100 visitors so it is essential that the car is completed and the DMU back to a three-car unit before then.

Jeff black glossed the north end of the centre car, before returning to the south end to paint some of the remaining bits.

Inside the south compartment Ron and Alan (not pictured) were working on the window frames.

Tony undercoated a number of both window and door frames. Overall, the inside of the car is now beginning to look good.

Progress is also being made with the blue power car in the Barn. Richard sands down another large filled area.

While Ken refits the repaired door, with the filled area now coated in undercoat dark grey.

Having completed the preparation at the front end, Dave Hancox paints the yellow warning panel in undercoat cream.

Malcolm is back on the roof cleaning up and priming where required.

The sense of urgency continues with the Shark, which is also now beginning to look very good. With some further repairs with bridging filler done, Robin completes the dark grey undercoating.

He then transferred to the south veranda to apply the Freight Brown top coat to the lower sections (a description of this type of van records this colour as Freight Stock Red).

John Hughes tidies up a bit more of the roof, before applying more of the stone coloured paint.

During the morning we had visit from eight members of the Dean Valley (Wellsbourne) U3A Transport Group. John Hamer explains the planned restoration of the north end of FO 3132.

Earlier in the day, John Hamer checked and re-greased the axle boxes of the recently returned bogies. Respectively these are destined for the CK and FK in the Maroon rake.

At the end of the Paintshop Michael was busy as ever priming and painting - in this instance some new skirting for the toilet compartments and intervening corridor in the DMU Centre Car.

Finally, Phil continues the excellent and very much appreciated job of sorting out the new storage area at the north end of the Workshop.

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