Friday, 7 August 2015

While I was away

Last Thursday 30th July   
We're getting there     Report by Dave Clark


We're gathering speed with TSO 5023, with the end in sight for the internal fitting out. Michael is painting the door hinges for the south end compartment door.


Which Robin is painting in light grey top coat.


Inside, Alan and Ron are once again fitting more seats.


While Paul finishes off cleaning the last few - I believe this was the final one, hence the happy grin!

Another one in the "somebody has to do it" series. Phil says he always gets to do the good jobs as he cleans one of the two toilets to be refitted to 5023.


Progress on tidying up the new building area ready for August 15th continues with Jeff and Bob doing the honours with the wood container, and Paul taking the mickey!


Later in the day, with the wood container completed, Bob was well on the way with the other.


Similarly the toilet block has been completed, leaving just the Gents and Ladies signs to be repainted

It will be a rush to get the Shark ballast plough ready for September, however Richard Stone has very kindly offered to do "overtime" during August to get the job done. With all the bad planking now stripped off the verandas at the north end and on the Cotswold side, he tackles another obstinate nut and bolt to remove the hand rails (note the nearby length of pipe to give extra torque when needed). One of the buffers has also been removed.


In the Paintshop, Robin and Kevin are undercoating the pre-cut planking ready for rebuilding the Shark. Further planks in the near foreground have been primed.


Ken cleans up a section of chequer plate for a threshold on the Shark.


John Osborn offering up a replacement for yet another corroded under-window corner on FO 3132, prior to welding it in place..

Phil, Bob, Dave and Ken sharing a joke while we waited for the Toddington-bound train to come by.


I didn't take anything on Saturday - as I was the only painter in I simply got stuck into finishing off the Toad, painting more of the containers, and other small painting jobs.

However late in the day Richard Stone took this photo of me completing the last bits of painting on the Toad. Dave Hancox had completed the roof painting. With the van going back to Platform 2 bay for display we decided not to replace the rotten foot boards.

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