Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Wednesday - Woodday

Much of the woodwork for the department is done on a Wednesday. Today it was largely about organising the wood store itself. We have had wood planking stored in many places but much of it was difficult to get at.

It is also very heavy so we even had to use the pick up truck to move one load from the Monster van to the store.

The wood is now properly organised on the new racking.

 We also moved all the planking now prepared for replanking the van currently in use as our store room.

Hopefully the van will soon be emptied as we managed to find some more shelving of the right size today.

 It still needs final construction but its another step forward.

Ralph was back on his deconstruction brief finally removing the tattered frame from the third door of the BSK 34929.

The door needs a lot of welding the edges are very rough and at present a bit on the dangerous side. RUST.

After rust comes restoration and that was very evident today. Nick cutting out and replacing a section of crash pillar and cleaning up the adjacent plate. it will require more work yet.

I later applied the red oxide.

 Recently we have been cleaning up the guide. John Hamer put them back in place and adjusted the spacing ready for Nick to weld.

That done Ken and John wrestled the springs back into place with the restored spacers.

 Then it was back to checking the spacing between the guides to ensure nothing had moved.

After which Malcolm joined Ken and John is reinstalling the wheel sets. Just the keeps to go back on but that's tomorrows job.

In the workshop it was largely sanding and prep on 3132.

Aynsley, Des, Malcolm

and George all very busy.

Other things going on today.

Ken was making some new straps for the toilet outlet. The maintenance team had requested some.

Maurice was cleaning up a sliding window light having done some varnishing for S&T. Another telegraph box under construction.

John Hamer ran into a problem when he came to test the SG of the batteries on 5023.
With the traditional batteries installed the tester pipet wouldn't fit in. Having removed the batteries he found the acid levels were very low.

Malcolm arrive from S&T with a request for some welding Nick was rather busy today but made one as requested as a sample for other to do the other 11 (parts supplied that's what Malcolm was delivering).

As usual the upholstery team were in full swing on DMU seats. They are getting so quick they were off to the platform with another delivery before I could catch up with them.

Dave and Penny Dron working on more seats. They obviously haven't quite got used to the extra space in the upholstery shop.

And finally somebody has to do it. Malcolm on sweeping up duties today.

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