Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Wednesday - Thats Better

With 21 signed in it was a busy day at C&W.

I returned to the roof of the DMU and finished the first top coat.

I did learn from yesterdays mistake and filled another hole, this one near the end of the carriage, well before I reached it to paint it.

I also returned to the water tank filler boss and checked out the seal and painted it all up.

along the sides Trevor, Russ and Des were completing the sanding and started on the taping up ready for painting.

You are forgiven for not being able to see the taping up. The tape we are using at present happens to be a near perfect match for the original yellow lines. Its just a fraction brighter.

Dave completed the seat spring repair from yesterday, a great job. He and the rest of the team continued the DMU seat repairs.

John Hill was preparing for another seat repair the electric carving knife is the perfect tool for cutting the foam sections of the seat padding.

Rod and below Alex were both finishing the final touch on 5023. Alex here doing to grab handles on the Malvern side. I had put these back as my first 'little' job of the day.

Alex had already finished the Loo block painting earlier.

Craig and Mike, not in shot, puzzled over the rather nasty sound effects when this window was opened. After removing the trim panel the cause was identified, a lack of felt in the window runner. A new section of rubber lining strip was applied and glued in place and the panel re mounted.

Paul who is just getting into door restorations

was busy making a new panel for this door from 3132.

a new frame for a door taking shape in the woodwork shop.

In the main workshop Ralph shows why the new frame is needed!

This, the bottom rail of a door from the BSK, should be one piece and the side rails are not a lot better.

 Work on the Shark Ballast plough continued with Phil, in picture, assisted by Eddie making some new sections of running board and steps.

Richard continued with the side planking which is now almost complete.


Bob said...

What is the name of the felt you use for the droplight windows? Been trying to source some you can glue in for a while. As always, excellent report. Thanks

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

I ask the man who knows where we get it and add it to a post in the blog.

Bob said...

Thank you.