Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Tuseday-Passing out

Report by Dave Clark

Just 9 in today. 

Cheryl and I continued touching up the external paintwork on TSO 5023 and by lunchtime we declared the job finished, so externally the coach is now complete..

Richard Hoy added a second coat of gloss black to the skirting boards in the vestibules, while Rod (not pictured) added further coats of varnish where required.

Wire wool is excellent for cleaning up the backs of door locks and the striker plates on the door frames.

Dennis Stevens 

and Richard carried on the general cleaning up and hand sanding on the Shark ceilings and other paintwork.

Dave and Penny Dron, and Vivian were able to progress yet more DMU seats, which are now being taken from the centre car.

John Hamer visited Long Marston and was able to bring back four large water containers with their frames for use in the steam heating coach.

Not parrots on a perch, just part of our gang enjoying lunch on the platform - Richard, Penny, Rod, Vivian and Dennis.

A happy Alex and no wonder! Having passed his assessment today, at 16 he is now the youngest fully qualified TTI on the Railway.

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