Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Tuesday - Words of Warning!

 Eight signed in for a fairly peaceful day. That is apart from the sound of hammering and sawing from Richard working on the Shark Ballast plough in the barn.

He replaced a section of rotten wood

Took out a section of wasted floor. We need to get some new planking for this tomorrow.

He also fitted more of the new planking on the Toddington end. a few more planks are needed tomorrow.

Alex arrived on the first train from Cheltenham and continued the finishing of 5023. More line repairs.

Vivian, back from a challenging holiday traversing long canal, joined Dave in working on moreof the DMU seats.

This seat has badly broken springs. The foam blocks are someone's attempt at a quick repair. We will be putting back proper springs not an easy job but Dave has done it before.

The rest of us set about the DMU Centre Car with John Hughes and Dennis starting the sanding

and filling of door edges on the Malvern side.

Richard, in the far distance above, set about applying the first top coat of hi-build paint to the roof.

I joined him by doing the centre section.

Words of warning - think ahead.

If only I had filled the hole in the centre of the roof before I started painting at the end I wouldn't have had to leave this patch to dry before painting it. It would have been dry by the time I got back to it painting, It will have to be done tomorrow.

The other warning is don't try and get things delivered to one address, Winchcombe, when the invoice address is elsewhere, Toddington. We have had several deliveries go to the wrong place recently despite very clear delivery instructions. The latest incidence led to another rail freight delivery by the first train. 4 cans of paint duly arrived as did some very tasty looking cakes for the cafĂ©. We were so taken with the cakes I forgot to take a picture.

On the return walk to the paintshop, now boasting its own name board, I got chatting to three American visitors about the Guard's Van recently repainted and resplendent in the platform 2 bay.

They had difficult with the concept of a 'Guard' or 'Guard's van'. Its a good job my wife lived in Canada for 10 years we were ok with 'conductors' and 'cabooses'.

They were also amazed at how small the goods vans, sorry, freight cars were.

All I know of Bill personally is that it was his generous bequest and with the cooperstion of the Friends of Winchcombe group that enabled the building of the workshop extension now named in his memory. Hopefully other will tell us more of Bill's time with the railway.

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