Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Tuesday -Go!

Today we started the painting on the DMU centre car. So the first job was to clean off the accumulated dust from all the prep work. Cheryl cleaning up the Cotswold side of the DMU with thinners. (and her nail varnish, if she had some).

Richard Hoy taping up the inside of the doors to ensure the interior/exterior paint dividing line is straight.

Alex was taping up another section of the upper line, so many door!

Top coating on the Cotswold side begins.

About half of this side now has the first of two topcoats.

With filled areas sanded down at the south end, Malcolm Baker applies dark grey undercoat.

The hole at the top still has to be plated over and the section over the corridor connection doesn't look good.

Ainsley, and later Malcolm, continued the filling and cleaning up on the Malvern side, with dark grey undercoat applied over the sanded filling.

Under closer investigation that section over the corridor connection gave up this large strip of paint covered fibre and revealed the lack of much else joining the carriage and connector.

Mike Stephenson from S&T collects the stained and varnished front of an instrument box for one of the signal boxes.

I also did some more investigation inside the blue DMU car. The compartment walls have had a covering stuck on at some time which has subsequently been removed leaving a ugly coating of glue (the dark lower section).

Careful use of a scrapper is, so far, successfully recovering the original panel. we may not have to replace them after all.

I also started preparing some seat frames for repainting before we reinstall them.

Richard Stone undercoating more cut planking for the Shark rebuild.

He was also working on the threshold of the Malvern side veranda entrance, north end. This somewhat hampered by being in the paintshop and not allowed power sanders etc.

We will have to see if we can get it moved back out side.

Thanks to Dave for the pictures today.

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