Friday, 7 August 2015

Tuesday 4th - Thursday 6th August Midweek progress

Report by Dave Clark

A wrap-up of the mid-week days (while I was away on holiday). On Tuesday we were back to double figures again with 12 in attendance, after a long period with often no more than 5 or 6, while Thursday had over 20 attending.


With Richard Stone now doing up to 4 days per week, and with much help with new plank preparation, we are making great progress with the Shark ballast plough. Both of the verandas have now been re-planked on the Cotswold side, and as can be seen, Richard is well into the north end, while in the background Clive continues the sanding down started by Malcolm Baker on Tuesday.


The hard wood backing plate for one of the south end buffers is being replaced. Phil applies preservative to the new wood while the associated metal plate has been coated in oxide.


Back to sanding yet again, Tony works on another door from FO 3132.


There was a major push with the DMU centre car this week. On Wednesday a superb effort was made with all of the Cotswold side given a light, vertical sanding down (we intend to go straight to top coat as far as possible).

On Thursday Malcolm Dickson was back on the roof applying etch primer, while Richard Hoy and Bob Keyte sanded down the Malvern side and Jim Price, Pete Lucas and myself were working on the door frames and edges on the Cotswold side.

Paul protecting the floor of the DMU car with plastic sheeting.


Well, we've all heard of synchronised swimming, so why not the same with sanding?! Roger and Ron busy cleaning up paper towel holders for TSO 5023 - these were later varnished.


TSO 5023 external painting is nearing the end. On Tuesday Rod uses one of his little gauges to mark out the three parts of the lower line on the Malvern side prior to taping up and painting, while further along the coach Richard Hoy was busy with the top line.


By Thursday, a lot had been done and Jeff and Cheryl are taping up prior to adding yet more paint. Not pictured on the Cotswold side, Maurice Miles was putting back the grab handles and then painting door handles, door stops and the tops of the droplights, as well as tidying up some of the lining out where required.

Cheryl painted the final top coat of light grey on the south end compartment door.


Which Steve fitted two days later.


John Hughes completed the painting on the north end corridor connection, including some further work on the connection door.


The south compartment fitting out is also nearly completed, with Roger, John Hughes and Ron installing more seating..


Regular readers will know exactly what Dave and Vivian are working on. Suffice to say that the south end DMU power car is now looking very much better internally!

Dennis Stevens fits the protective frame (made by John Osborn) over the control panel for the Workshop ventilation system. He later painted the frame yellow.


Later in the day he completed the repainting of the two containers alongside the Workshop. Just need to get rid of that old van body now.

Another job completed on Tuesday by Rod and myself was the top-coating in GW Brown of the lower sections of the new ramps by the Discovery Coach. They now blend in a lot better with the coach.

The Toad brake van was shunted back to its old home in Platform 2 bay on Wednesday.

The newly refurbished trio of the Toad, LNWR van and gunpowder van look splendid. The white MICA van is also due to have a partial refurbishment to replace some rotten planking.

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Toddington Ted said...

This isn't a heritage railway carriage and wagon repair facility any more; this is more like a carriage and wagon production line! Some of the shots could be taken at Swindon or York! Outstanding work as ever people!