Friday, 28 August 2015

Thursday - Green and Blue

Report by Dave Clark

About 20 in today, with a lot of concentration on the two DMU cars and the Shark, and Richard Stone had his wish come true. It was also Jeff Brodrick's birthday - many happy returns from us all and thank you for the cake. Robin Moore also brought in another culinary treat, much enjoyed by many, so thanks again Robin.

A lot of progress was made on the Shark ballast plough. Ainsley, having cleaned up the vacuum pipe, applies red oxide.

Inside the south end veranda George sanded down the existing paintwork.

With respect to Richard Stone's delightful poem on Wednesday, both Ainsley

and Robin painted much of the van in the dark grey undercoat.

 Almost done! Alex well on the way to completing the first top coat on the Malvern side of the DMU centre car. It was a very successful day painting, with Cheryl and Alex on this in the morning, and myself joining in at the end. This just leaves one upper panel on the other side to do when an adjacent hole has been over plated.

On the Cotswold side Jeff begins cleaning up the sole bar.

He was later followed by Bob, initially applying red oxide where required and then painting the whole bar in black gloss.

There was a lot of activity inside, with Alan and Roger sanding down the internal window frames before applying wood primer.

Steve, with help from Roger (and the broom!) and Alan, put up two new pieces of ceiling to replace that damage by the roof leaks.

hey Dave you're giving our secrets away!

With three internal doors removed from the centre car, Robin freshened up the varnished edges on two of them.

In the Workshop Phil continues with sorting out our new storage. The old brown van's life as a temporary store will soon be over (it is now half empty), so it won't be much longer before the rebuild is underway.

In the Barn, good progress is being made with the blue DMU power car, with Richard

and Kevin busy repairing the front end.

 Dave Hancox removes the old BR logo, before sanding down more filler. Generally the external condition of the power car is not bad.

Malcolm carries on the cleaning up of the removed seat bases - these will end up in gloss Black.

The plaque board for the Discovery coach had been painted in undercoat Cream by Michael early on in the day, and was now dry enough for a top coat of Executive Light Grey.

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