Friday, 14 August 2015

Thursday - all change

Report by Dave Clark

Another big attendance with 25 in today. The shunt to move the DMU centre car into the Barn and Shark ballast plough into the Paintshop was completed successfully. The work concentration during the day was in the Paintshop and Barn, with the Workshop somewhat quiet for once. As far as I am aware no work was done on FO 3132, now in the Wokshop. Also today the seating for FO 3132, along with the special LMS design moquette, was collected by an outside firm who will do the reupholstering, this being too large a job for our own team.

The Shark now in north end of the Paintshop,

along with the associated whiteboard listing progress and requirements.

A close-up of the new foot board on the Cotswold side.

As Toddington Ted said in a recent blog comment, there are times when we look like one of the railway workshops of times past.

This was very much so in the Paintshop with Richard Hoy, John Hughes, Alan Baugh, Pete Lucas and Paul Wood all busy cleaning up the windows on the Cotswold side of TSO 5023.

On the Malvern side of 5023 Cheryl, Alex, and Jeff are tidying up some of the lining out.

Later in the day, Richard Hoy started window cleaning on this side - with such a warm day the paint dried very quickly, so no problem with any loose bits raining down.

While Paul is busy cleaning outside, Robin (working fast, hence blurred hand!) is doing the inside.

Internal fitting out is also nearing completion, with Roger (on his back) and Ron reinstating the tables.

With the Shark now moved Kevin has a big sweep up of this part of the Barn.

Work continued on the bogie currently undergoing refurbishment with John Osborn welding in some new pedestal liners on the Cotswold side.

Phil doing his Long John Silver impression with one of the bogie springs - where's the parrot?!

With the welding completed and the spring reinstated, Kevin very slowly lowers the south end of the bogie onto the wheelset, while John Hamer and Ken carefully monitor progress.

Dave Hancox (pictured), Pete Lucas and Alan Baugh worked on the DMU centre car.

Just when we thought sanding down was complete, we found there were still some door edges and frames to do. With so many doors on this vehicle it's no surprise that some have been missed.

Malcolm spends most of his time at C&W on coach roofs. He takes a short break to chat to Phil before continuing to add the second top coat of black high build paint. That roof looks so much better now.

Just prior to locking up for the day, a last look at TSO 5023, now with the axle box caps painted yellow, vertical bogie dampers painted blue, and the electric connectors painted orange.

The coach goes out on the 22nd ready for the steam heating test and a trial run to Toddington and back. If only we could get that boiler van up together heating tests would be so much easier.

During the day the Paintshop was given a major tidy-up in preparation for the formal opening on Saturday 15th.


Anonymous said...

Any idea of what is going to fill the spare road in the Barn ?

Alex said...

If you mean the jack road, it's full of bogies at the moment with various repairs going on. I imagine when the carriage jack is fixed there'll be a backlog of maintenence to carry out.