Friday, 21 August 2015

Thursday 20th August

Report by Devouring Dave Clark
you'll see why the new nickname at the end of the blog!

Another good number in, even with some of our Thursday regulars missing. We did quite a bit of tidying up, including moving the remaining plywood and other off-cuts into the completed wood container, as well as some rubbish clearance outside on the track side of the Workshop.

We're now in the final stages of the restoration of TSO 5023. John Hamer is busy checking the batteries on this side of the coach. After topping up with distilled water and putting them on charge, he found that all bar one will be satisfactory.

Inside the coach, Cheryl and Alan are busy cleaning table tops and the walls.

Ron pauses in his vacuuming for the photographer. By the end of the day, all was completed inside, bar cleaning and sealing the floor.

Externally no matter how carefully you check, you still find the odd bit that needs a little more paint. Richard

and Clive are improving the black work where required. There is still an issue with one of the doorway seals which hopefully can be resolved on Saturday.

In the Workshop Pete Lucas, having done further sanding down on the Malvern side of FO 3132, proceeds to grey up where he can. With windows still to be removed or put back, it will be a while before this side can have a blanket covering of paint.

Ken continues to make new straps for the toilet outlet pipes (ref Weds blog). The yellow circular block is the former.

Phil is still busy setting up the new storage shelving - we will now have storage at both ends of the Workshop.

Some of the new shelving in place, with Phil, Alan and Ron. Hard to believe this area was once where all our woodworking was done.

Alex and Jim busy priming the large number of planks that have been cut for the rebuild of the BR van, once all the storage in there has been relocated. By the end of the day, this area was literally a sea of white planking.

Still bits to sand on the Shark ballast plough, with Robin, and later Clive and Richard all helping out.

Earlier on Richard vacuumed the roof of the Shark to remove the dust. This will be repainted and the missing water run-off strips reinstated. The beading around the roof edges is also a bit suspect and will generally need replacement.

With the rain holding off, it was a good chance to resume work on the Gunpowder Van and get the vehicle completed. Malcolm treats the edge of the roof with red oxide, while Dave and Bob at either end of the van clean up the sole bar and under the frame. 

Robin once again spoiled us with his delicious home-made ginger shortbread. Rumours that I ate three pieces are totally true!

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