Saturday, 22 August 2015

Saturday shift

Shift in that the shunting team did a complete reorganisation of stock in the works today.

The now complete 5023 was moved out and late in the day had a vacuum brake test, which it passed successfully.

We still have to do a heating test. Oh for that boiler van (just behind the 5023) to be working!

The problem as always with getting the new carriage out is that everything else has to come out as well. this time we moved the DMU centre car from the barn to the paintshop and the shark looked like it had never moved.

3132 returned to the main workshop but having swapped end with the store van.

The barn was then filled with the new blue DMU motor car.

and the spare bogies were moved behind it.

Then 5023 was put back on the jack road.

During the moves CK 7221 was brought up the yard ready to take its place in the barn in a few weeks time. Which did gives a nice before and after shot.

Are you keeping up?

Its not easy and working out the moves needed isn't either.

Well done the shunting team, Richard Dennis and Phil.

The steps were in place as Paul was still trying to get the floor sealed as opportunities presented themselves during the moves.

So to the actual restoration also happed today!

James resumed the replating of the Cheltenham end of 3132.

While work continued on preparing the other end for welding. (I'm guessing John Squires, John Osborn or Ken)

With the shelving almost completed for the new storage area, the reason for store van switching ends of the workshop,

we will soon start emptying the store van and get back refurbishing it.

To that end George continued with the painting of the planking.

Eddie has also requested some shelves for the wood store. I  had sorted out some lengths for this during the week and Richard started cutting them to length.

I was not in my overalls today having just popped in from a meeting at Toddington. So its thanks to Dave for the pictures.

Bit of cheek getting my picture on the blog as I wasn't really doing anything in the workshop today as a result of the said meeting.

Now when it came down from Toddington they just said paint the outside. Today we took our first look inside.

Now about the ceiling at the far end and the panelling on the sides

oh and some seats? They and the frames are stacked in the guards area at the end.

Some more work to keep us occupied.

Quite a change for us; 2 DMU carriages.

I have been asked about Bill Ellesmere and found this story which while largely about the opening does give some details about Bill on the main web site.

Bob asked about the felt window insert we use. I haven't forgotten but the man who knows about it wasn't in this week. I will follow up on this when he is.

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