Sunday, 16 August 2015

Saturday - The Offical Opening

Today the new Paintshop facilities were officially opened by Lord Faulkner of Worcester.

The commemorative plaque put up by Steve first thing this morning now resplendent in commemoration of both the day and Bill Ellesmere.

Our Chairman with Lord Falkner. Both gave the department compliments and very encouraging words for the future

before unveiling the plaque

 A fitting commemoration of Bill and his gift.

The invited guest having had coffee then enjoyed a tour of the facilities and a train ride to Cheltenham and back with lunch served during the journey.

However, we are not a group that rests on its laurels so those not directly involved still got a lot done.

Malcolm completed the second top coat on the Cotswold side of the carriage roof and late on I did some undercoating in dark grey over the major sections of filling on the carriage. This is mainly on door pillars. Sorry no picture of either.

Ken and John Hamer progressed the clean up and resolution of another sticking wheel sets.

Having removed the liners

they were cleaned up along with the bogie frame

and the spacer plates. No its not Ken making the pizzas.

Nick popped into see John Osborn and while he was in cut out the rusted remains of a 3132 crash pillar and welded in a new section

enabling James to do some more panel replacement.

and John to have a chat with Dave

Elsewhere Phil, Andy and Ian moved some storage shelves to the other end of the workshop and started assembling some replacement shelves from some Dexion out of our store. Well Phil and Ian did

while Andy help up another section of shelves. (no honest Andy was helping)

Proof positive the new shelving erected. We do still need to find one more section. This all came out of our storage supply. Once complete we will be able to empty the old goods van we have been using and get it restored which is why it came in in the first place.

John Squires took up the wood replacement challenge on the Shark completing the top side of the veranda side before returning to his preferred metal work or more accurately rust removal from the Toddington end of 3132.

John Hill had a lonely day on the upholstery with the rest of the team away on various holidays but the work goes on.

 Dave sorted out what to do next with Tony and Alex Caulfield.

Richard applied the last of the lettering and notices to 5023 which should be shunted out next week-end.

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