Saturday, 29 August 2015

Saturday - a bit more filler

A good contingent in today and a with wide range of activities undertaken we made a lot of progress.

Richard got his wish with the painting on the Shark being well progressed. One doorway done

a bit more filler required for the second one ................

maybe not!

Richard and Clive set about checking over the blade mechanism.

After which Clive returned to the painting. this time the running boards.

An actual use of filler was for the front end of the blue DMU.

Richard having filled the space where the centre headlight had been removed, it was none original and is also just out of shot, moved onto deal with the damaged from corner. Loads of filler.

Chris was starting the task of fitting the steel edge strips to each of the doorway. This was 2 down about 12 to go, I didn't count them.

also working on the blue DMU was Derek who sorted out the linking Guards door. this was sticking on the bottom when opened. Well done Derek it sticks no more.

 The main priority at present is actually the Green DMU and work on that was extensive with John Osborn making a patch to cover the top corner hole.

Dave was leading a host people preping and painting

Phil and Martin in action while Bob was doing the other side.

Steve continued the interior repairs refitting the lighting battens

having already finished the first toilet floor.

 The repairs to the southern end of 3132continued with James welding more new sections into place.

We will need to start stripping the other end soon.

 More shelving being put in place by Paul. Phil and paul have made good progress with moving things from the van into the new storage area. Releasing this shelving foe the other end of the workshop.

We also constructed more shelving for the wood work store.

Early in the day John Hamer and Ken were checking the ride height of 5023 and making some required adjustments.

The final act of the day was a steam test on 5023.

for this we had to get 2807 down from Toddington.

 Still the carriage past the test ok.

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