Sunday, 9 August 2015

Saturday - back to work

I returned to Winchcombe today to see the amazing progress made while I was away. When your in every week you don't notice it so much.

I started small by painting all the door stubs and handles on the Malvern side of 5023. I was joined by Alex who was tidying up the lining out

and Steve who was replacing various sections of draft excluding rubber at the base of the door entrances.

Steve also mounted the backplate and rail for the dedication plaque for the new building. This is in preparation for the official opening.

Its in the entrance lobby and over the main entrance door to the paintshop.

In the workshop Malcolm continued the etch primer for the roof of the DMU 59510

When Malcolm finished I expanded my days painting by taking over

and completing the roof .

The preparitory sanding on the doors and sides was also in full swing

The Cotswold side is just about complete.

In the barn work on the Shark ballast plough was under some intense effort.

The rails and sides were sanded down by Clive

Richard was working on new wood sections.

Phil was busy overhauling the axle boxes.

and also sorted out the worst of the buckle in the plough.

and the buffer have been remounted.

also in the barn Ken was restoring the first corridor connector for 3132.

while James and John was busy re-plating the end section.

John Hamer was also busy cleaning another of the stuck axle boxes. this involves removing the liner removing the rust that forms behind it then getting the liner welded back in place.

Rust expands metal and thus forces the liners out from the frame closing the gap between the two faces and causing the axle box to stick in the narrowed gap.

 Ken used the wire brush to clean up the backs of the liners on the workbench

while John continued by dis assembling and cleaning the springs and the spring spacer plates. The plates adjust the ride height of the bogies. More spacers the higher the ride.

Finally the upholstery team are never to be forgotten. Now they are focused completely on the DMU seats as 5023 now has a completed set of seats. These were retrieved from the carriage and were straight onto the work benches for stripping down.

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