Monday, 17 August 2015

Paintshop opening - addendum

Our thanks to Ian Crowder the railways Public Relations Officer who has kindly permitted his photos of the paintshop opening event to be published here.

A view from plaque of the assembled group present for the unveiling.

The subsequent tour started with Upholstery shop

 stopped in the Paintshop itself to admire the reflections in the paintwork

 Richard pointed out the finer points of the woodwork to Lord Faulkner

Back to work with more finishing touches for 5023.

A peep through the window. You don't want to go inside with your suit on at the moment!

With the tour on the welder had an excuse for chin wag.

Nick, John Squires and James.

How did you miss out on this picture John O?

Something that obviously caught Ian's eye.

A joy to us when inspecting the bogies and Wheel set that is not stuck so doesn't have to be stripped down. The '3' denotes the wheel position for documentation purposes later.

 Getting your head round the line and where we are.

Perfect use for the Discovery carriage while waiting for the train to arrive.

the other end of the carriage with the time line of the line being inspected.

 On the train the best china was out.

I'm not so sure about the waiter!

The memory we all like to keep. The photo on the footplate.

Lord Falkner

and Mike Bennett |The Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Gloucetser who also attended the day.

What it's all about.


Toddington Ted said...

Nice jacket Richard!
I take it the Guest of Honour won the loudest tie award.

Joking aside, what an amazing asset this facility is to the Railway and to the heritage railway movement in general.

mike slipper said...

All in all a wondeful achievement.

Anonymous said...

Could we have some background on Bill Ellesmere please.