Saturday, 29 August 2015

Saturday - a bit more filler

A good contingent in today and a with wide range of activities undertaken we made a lot of progress.

Richard got his wish with the painting on the Shark being well progressed. One doorway done

a bit more filler required for the second one ................

maybe not!

Richard and Clive set about checking over the blade mechanism.

After which Clive returned to the painting. this time the running boards.

An actual use of filler was for the front end of the blue DMU.

Richard having filled the space where the centre headlight had been removed, it was none original and is also just out of shot, moved onto deal with the damaged from corner. Loads of filler.

Chris was starting the task of fitting the steel edge strips to each of the doorway. This was 2 down about 12 to go, I didn't count them.

also working on the blue DMU was Derek who sorted out the linking Guards door. this was sticking on the bottom when opened. Well done Derek it sticks no more.

 The main priority at present is actually the Green DMU and work on that was extensive with John Osborn making a patch to cover the top corner hole.

Dave was leading a host people preping and painting

Phil and Martin in action while Bob was doing the other side.

Steve continued the interior repairs refitting the lighting battens

having already finished the first toilet floor.

 The repairs to the southern end of 3132continued with James welding more new sections into place.

We will need to start stripping the other end soon.

 More shelving being put in place by Paul. Phil and paul have made good progress with moving things from the van into the new storage area. Releasing this shelving foe the other end of the workshop.

We also constructed more shelving for the wood work store.

Early in the day John Hamer and Ken were checking the ride height of 5023 and making some required adjustments.

The final act of the day was a steam test on 5023.

for this we had to get 2807 down from Toddington.

 Still the carriage past the test ok.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Thursday - Green and Blue

Report by Dave Clark

About 20 in today, with a lot of concentration on the two DMU cars and the Shark, and Richard Stone had his wish come true. It was also Jeff Brodrick's birthday - many happy returns from us all and thank you for the cake. Robin Moore also brought in another culinary treat, much enjoyed by many, so thanks again Robin.

A lot of progress was made on the Shark ballast plough. Ainsley, having cleaned up the vacuum pipe, applies red oxide.

Inside the south end veranda George sanded down the existing paintwork.

With respect to Richard Stone's delightful poem on Wednesday, both Ainsley

and Robin painted much of the van in the dark grey undercoat.

 Almost done! Alex well on the way to completing the first top coat on the Malvern side of the DMU centre car. It was a very successful day painting, with Cheryl and Alex on this in the morning, and myself joining in at the end. This just leaves one upper panel on the other side to do when an adjacent hole has been over plated.

On the Cotswold side Jeff begins cleaning up the sole bar.

He was later followed by Bob, initially applying red oxide where required and then painting the whole bar in black gloss.

There was a lot of activity inside, with Alan and Roger sanding down the internal window frames before applying wood primer.

Steve, with help from Roger (and the broom!) and Alan, put up two new pieces of ceiling to replace that damage by the roof leaks.

hey Dave you're giving our secrets away!

With three internal doors removed from the centre car, Robin freshened up the varnished edges on two of them.

In the Workshop Phil continues with sorting out our new storage. The old brown van's life as a temporary store will soon be over (it is now half empty), so it won't be much longer before the rebuild is underway.

In the Barn, good progress is being made with the blue DMU power car, with Richard

and Kevin busy repairing the front end.

 Dave Hancox removes the old BR logo, before sanding down more filler. Generally the external condition of the power car is not bad.

Malcolm carries on the cleaning up of the removed seat bases - these will end up in gloss Black.

The plaque board for the Discovery coach had been painted in undercoat Cream by Michael early on in the day, and was now dry enough for a top coat of Executive Light Grey.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Wednesday's working words

With some very separate activities undertaken today it was hard to think of us a one team but eventually they will all come together. Its a matter of mutual support.

A phone call from Stuart who works both with the drainage team and the C&W Maintenance team had the upholstery team grabbing the trolley to swap seats, new for old on the platform as the DMU waited for its return journey to Toddington.

A 9 seat swap and later having fitted the new one Stuart brought 2 more in.

On to the next batch!


Alex you need to speak to your union rep! Left all alone completing the first top coat on the Cotswold side.

while there were 4 on the other side also doing the first top coat.

Maurice with a pile of painting. A large batch of planking for the stores van all ready for priming.

Although we have started painting the DMU there is a lot of repair work to do on the ends around the corridor connections.

A section of  metal, disappeared by the rust mite. both sides and above the corridor connects have suffered.

as we don't have the time available to strip the carriage down for a welding repair Ken fabricated a replacement section

and managed to bolt it in place.

We will have to fill over the join making it water proof and drastically improving the visual appearance.

Rod was also working on the corner of this end here dealing with a small hole.

Almost co-ordinated work as Trevor was doing something similar with a couple of spots on the blue DMU motor car in the barn.

He also completed the clean up of the interior panels removing all the old discoloured glue and revealing the original panels.

We also managed to identify a method for dealing with the split and missing sections of the top sections.


Being a Wednesday the wood workers were in in force .

Dave Ward and Eddie making frame sections

Colin making and assembling a door frame ready for BSK 34929.

Eddie with the glue assembling a frame for the Discovery carriage guards compartment.

Steve started making the replacement floor s for the two DMU toilets. the outer frame in place for the first one.


 A new finger board goes on the first of the doors for 3132

while a new mount bracket is fixed to the second door.

The lazy tongues for the window are fixed to this bracket once they have been degreased and re oiled. Another of the less desirable jobs for the day.

We also got final sign off for the door operation of 5023 after Russ completed the re paint of the inner door jam after we had removed a bit more wood at the week-end.

There was a question of the insert strip we use for window tracks. there are 2 possible sections.

This from
COH Baines Ltd
Unit 3
Buckingham House
Longfield Road
Tunbridge Wells

Its universal window channel VCR 4.75 mm

This is from

I&C Wooolstenholmes Ltd
Whitley Way Northfields Industrial Estate
Market Deeping

It fits the window track very well.

Sorry I don't have areference.


Reducing the power load on the carriage batteries with LED lighting is something all railways are investigating in various ways.

Steve (the Prof) has designed a 24v LED strip light and here is setting up the prototype for a test fitting

 and fitted in the unit. it needs a little adjustment. its a fraction long so next time we might well be able to turn it on and see the lighting effect.


Nick was busy today on the Cheltenham end of 3132 removing the remains of two rusted crash pillars and the distorted base plate then cutting and preparing new steel section and welding it all back together.

the corner, seen here, is awaiting the new parts. I really should have taken a picture of the finished piece. Maybe Saturday before it all gets covered up with new body plates!


Finally Richard was in for the morning making more progress with the wood replacement program on the Shark.

Some of the hand rails had to be removed and Ken applied a little heat VERY CAREFULLY! to release a stubbon nut.

And having made suitable progress he put out an appeal for some assistance with the painting.

Hence the title for the day. The words penned by Richard appealing for help.

                                                 We have no time to stand and stare
                                                 but could you sand or help prepare?
                                                 Could you paint some undercoat dark
                                                 To help me with this shabby shark
                                                 To paint is art and such a skill
                                                 That I don't have
                                                                   and never will.

Very Good Richard, you only had to ask I'm sure someone will get it done.