Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Wednesday workings

There were 19 in today for a varied day of activities including Martin all the way from Sussex for a couple of days volunteering. He started by removing a seat by from the DMU. This is one of the seats from the end of the compartment and is a different design to the other seat in the compartment.

He delivered it to the upholstery team so that a pattern can be made for new covers.

Ralph labelled all the seats up so that we can get them back in the correct place when the time comes.

He later painted the G and the W on the side of the Toad Brake Van. I could only get one letter in the picture.

We made some wood panelling for the other brake van in for attention at the moment, the Shark.

Dave Ward measured up and cut the planking which George started priming.

Des, having taken the 'Guard' in the discovery carriage his pasty, you really need to check it out, returned to painting the lines on 5023.

while Trevor smoothed off the end of the carriage and applied the black paint.

Inside the carriage Paul

Mike and Craig worked their way around all the doors for a final check

In the barn the order of the day was welding with John doing another Window repair

and Nick starting on the end base plate

and the first crash pillar.

Trevor also painted the steps, though I don't know what carriage its for.

One shot I didn't get from the other day was the base of the Door Dave was re-staining. It looks so much better.

The upholstery team completed another 2 seat backs and a seat base for the DMU today.

Penny, having painted the 'Guards Pasty', returned to helping John with sewing the seats.

Todays delivery was some ply sheet for the shelves of the new storage racks which des started cutting to size.

I spent some time working on the roof od the DMU which does rather preclude me from getting all the pictures |I might have wanted. Oh well the work is more important!

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