Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Wednesday working

Despite a large number of holidays there was still 16 signed in today.

This included a visit from John Osborn, not normally a Wednesday man, who dropped into meet up with Nick who joined us recently and who seems to have already mastered the art of avoiding my camera.

John finished the repairs to another of the \Malvern side window openings on 3132.

Nick meanwhile welded an extension onto the base of an 1880 GWR Boundary Post to be installed at Toddington and made a securing bracket for the video in the Discovery Carriage.

He also did some more prep work on the crash pillars and base plate of the southern end of 3132.

Also working on 3132 was Trevor sanding down the Cotswold side and then starting on the Grey undercoating.

In the paintshop, work on 5023 was largely about snagging. Tidying up the little issues. These were mainly associated with doors.

Craig working on the centre door fitted the window catches but discovered that while the door closed well the lock wouldn't lock. A small modification to the locking plate resolved the issue.

Steve finished the trimming of another door which let Rod start on the varnishing in the vestibule. Another door also needed some extra attention with the trim strip not fitting to our normal standards and after some slightly over enthusiastic finishing of the below floor section no longer closed properly. A situation that I tackled and have partially resolved. It still needs a new section of rubber to completed the repair.

Also in the paintshop John Hughes was painting the underframe and ironwork of the LNWR van

as was Tony Spelman on the other side.

After a search of the yard with John Hamer the floor beams from the old store room and office were located. A couple of the shorter ones were recovered and Des produced a dozen wheel chocks. They await a coat a paint in the paintshop!

Des also produced a set of 16 blanking panels for 27543.These fit at the end of the seats and provide anchor points for other sections of trim.

Eddie was making new door sections in the woodwork shop

while Maurice cleaned up a section door frame

and Paul made frames for the pictures shown last week.

 Ralph continued on the deconstruction of door 5 from the BSK 34949. The timber frame is broken so a new one will be required after the welding repairs have been done.

Our work in the Discovery Carriage technically finished some time ago. However, we still seem to be doing a lot of fitting out.

Des painting the base of the model of Toddington station

 Unfortunately there is an an issue with reflections from the Perspex cover of the model

Our thanks to the loco department who instead of binning some old hoses brought them down rail freight to C&W to sort through.

A few we can make use off. The rest we will bin.

As for me I took a delivery of Moquette for the DMU 1st class seating and finished cleaning and painting the shelving for the workshop.

All in all a successful day with lots of bits and pieces tidied up.

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