Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Wednesday- Still sweltering

It may have been sweltering outside but the Paintshop, due to its environmental insulation, and the workshop, due to very thick walls, remain relatively cool or should I say only warm.

Thus the paintshop was the best place to be and Russ made the most of it, painting the window surrounds on the Malvern side of 5023.

During the morning we removed a door from 5023

and the floor in both end vestibules was screeded.

The next best place was the workshop and Ralph was again working on stripping a door from the BSK. The wood frame is rotten and most of it will have to be rebuilt.

This should be one section of wood!

Malcolm Baker and Trevor were busy prepping 3132

Malcolm started on painting one side of the roof but at that height you really do notice the higher temperatures.

Mike worked on the door fitting the door strap brackets and investigating why the window doesn't shut completely.

Paul and Eddie worked on mounting two travel posters for display in the discovery carriage.

I will not print the comments made about the second poster.

The upholstery shop wasn't to bad heat wise with the fan on and Dave continued the DMU seat restorations.

about the worst place to be was the discovery carriage which was more like an oven and Penny had to fix the make up on the 'Guard'. Now I'm sure I've seen that face around before.

Claudette? No she was playing Teddy Bears on platform 2.

Those who wouldn't cooperate were for the chop literally!

We discarded the unwanted dummies.

Also in the barn John Hamer was checking the newly welded liners and I assisted him with preparing the other end of the bogie for similar work to free up the stuck axle box.

It was proof again you don't need a gym membership in C&W the long levers were out to remove the nuts holding the keeps in place. to undo the nuts is akin to a seat in the boat race. In the temperature it was an achievement.

I did some cleaning up on more of the shelf supports for the workshop.

All in all a hard days work despite the heat.


Anonymous said...

what is happening to the old dummies as we would like a dummy or two for the syphon g project

Alex said...

I suspect Thursday's blog will hold the answer!...

Dave Clark said...

They're in the skip Guys - lots of separate bits. I don't know how easy it will be to put them togther, which is why Henry got hold of a complete one.

Photo in the next blog report!