Thursday, 30 July 2015

Wednesday - don't forget the milk

As we were out of milk by the end of Tuesday I had to bring milk with me today. This was fine and I did remember but the effort proved to much and I forgot my phone and thus my camera. So there are no pictures for todays blog. Sorry.

With the number of things going on its perhaps as well as this would become a very long posting.

Starting out in the barn or just outside it Richard later joined by Steve continued with the frame work for the panelling on the Ballast Plough.

In the workshop Trevor took up the air gun and sander to continue the cleaning off of old paint etc from the roof of the DMU centre car. I continued the repairs to the floor of the corridor connection at the southern end. I had started this on Tuesday with Tony but forgot to include it.

Ralph commenced battle with rusted screws and bolts as he started to strip door 1 from the BSK 34929 (the third door of 14). The door has all the usual problem of rusted (now none existent metal on parts of the door edges and round the handle and under the window. By the end of the day the wood door panels had been removed and but one bolt on the door lock was still grimly holding on. Hopefully the penetrating oil will do its job before next week!

This was the main hive of activity today with Trevor painting the end black again. He did last week but as often happens when a panel changes from a hotch potch of patches to one colour you can see the blemishes. Consequently some extra sanding was done at the week-end.

The lining out is the only exterior work left (that I can think of) and this was taken on by Russ and Des while Maurice gave a second coat of black to the new steps for 3132. Inside 5023 John and Penny were securing the seat side panels. This is now 3/4 done.

Steve was busy refitting the toilets and noticed a small leak in one of the cistern tanks It could just be a pipe work joint. It will get checked out Thursday.

Dave was continued stripping down DMU seats while John and Penny recovered the replacement seat for 5023.

There was a lot of activity here with Mike and Paul starting the restoration work on the doors for 3132. The doors have already been stripped down and cleaned.

Steve made a frame for the plaque workshop opening ceremony while Eddy and Dave sourced section of wood for Richard in the barn and me in the DMU. They also  reorganised the storage container ready for John Osborn or James to complete the framework. When that's done we can finally get the wood supplies in one place!

Des did some final tidying up in the carriage and as I was passing I had a chat to three visitors in the carriage. As a result I think the wall map of the line does need a north point on it.

Two of the visitors, a couple, only stopped at the station because they saw the coffee pot sign by the road as the passed in their car. They promised to be back for a ride they were very impressed by the bits of the railway the saw. The cafĂ©, the station, the trains which happened to pass as we chatted and the discovery carriage. 

I have a feeling there were other things going on as well. Its another way the pictures help.
I hope this has at least painted a picture for you!
I need a holiday, oh yes I am having one......

 I am going away camping with the grandsons!


Unknown said...

Aaaargh.....north point

Ken said...

C'mon. WHO dropped the Air Sander and broke the connecting nozzle?

I noticed this morning that it had been left in a suitably prominent location!

Replacement(+ spares for the next time)have now been purchased.