Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Warm Wednesday

It started with an overcast sky so initially we focused our efforts internally on 3132 with more filling and sanding.
During the day Trevor, Des and Ainsley all had a session and ended the day with the Cotswold side pretty much greyed up.

Ken was also busy on the carriage working on one of the door hand grips and later preparing window 4 from the Cotswold side ready for refitting.

We would have done the fit but the painters go to the window opening first so we left the paint to dry and we will do the fit tomorrow.

In the barn Malcolm continued his roof cleaning, scraping the loose and flaking paint off 25743.

Also in the barn George continued and almost finished the painting of the Toad Brake Van by painting the rails white and touching up the joins and a few paint splatters.

Craig and Mike focused on the doors and locks of 5023 checking and documenting the ram lengths and then started on checks of the hinge bolts for tab washers and tightness settings.

 Mike, in the foreground, also finished the window trims for door 6 of the carriage and then varnished them.

Continuing with the doors Ralph completed the removal of the broken door frame from door 2 of the BSK. Another door skin ready for the welders tomorrow.


The upholstery team were back to full strength today and back to the DMU seat repairs.  John Hill and Penny working on the seat foam and cloth covers

while John Hughes and Dave replaced broken springs in another seat.

When the sun came out and had had time to dry off the container Russ and Ainsley returned to painting it.

A shot from early in the day as the Drainage team checked out what they needed for the day of delights ahead. You can follow their activities on this link.

Some more different activity in the yard today was the passing of the S&T gang and they worked their way along the track oiling and greasing all the signal components, including the ones at the top of the signal posts!

We also had 2 deliveries today one for Building Services and one for the drainage team while they were away having fun.

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