Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Tuesday - back to work

After a busy week-end it was back to the routine today.

Richard who is on a personal challenge to sort the Shark ballast Plough planking out set about creating a new frame to support the said planking on the south end side section. This had to be extensively shaped to fit flat around various bolts.

In Alex having completed the GW on the Cotswold side of the Toad, returned to the paintshop and lined out another section of 5023.

Dave Dron continued with the seat preparation stripping the old cloth from another three seats.

As it was looking like rain all day the rest of us abandoned painting the containers and set about the DMU centre car.

Dennis and Ainsley worked on cleaning the roof ready for painting.

Tony removed the two end seats and frames ready for the upholstery team. Then removed the corridor connection door for repairs.

I set about investigating the 'bubbles' in the paintwork at the end of the carriage. These tend to reveal the rust mite has been at work. Oh dear!

I didn't take a picture but both sides of the end panelling at the bottom are in a similar state.

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