Tuesday, 21 July 2015


The tidy up continued today with work on the yard loo block. Much of the morning was spent scrapping of the loose paint and repairing all the doors

then in the afternoon paint first the doors and as I left the walls were about to be painted.

It was much the same in the barn as the shark brake van, DB993863, became Richard's focus, removing the rotten wood from the end.

Hopefully we organise some new panelling tomorrow!

Having painted the lamp brackets on the Toad brake van earlier in the day

Richard did return to the Toad when Dave was available to help fix the roof battens

Job done and the surplus canvass cut off. It now requires a couple of coats of roof paint to finish the job.

With the floor sealed by Paul at the week-end Cheryl completed the varnishing of the model railway covers.

I started by completing the section of yellow lining I started last week.

After coffee I started on the roof of the DMU and when I reached the middle found the cause of the water damage to the interior roof.

The black marks to the right are holes in the roof metal. these were small and easily fixed with some chemical metal.

More problematic was this hole bottom centre next to the water tank boss.

and this large one under the boss on the other side. I will have to make a plate to cover and seal them tomorrow.

The work in the upholstery shop continued apace with two more seats being stripped of the old covering and perished foam.

The hovering to collect the dust the was a large part of the old foam!

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