Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Tuesday - Hidden talents

Report by Dave Clark

Almost back to double figures again with 9 in. The day also produced some of the hidden talents in C&W.


Cheryl was in and busy top coating one of the Malvern side doors on TSO 5023. She has been much missed and it was great to see her back again.

Malcolm Baker did a number of painting jobs on 5023, which included some black glossing

and painting two of the remaining doors.

Alex reinstated the "L N W R" on the rebuilt Cotswold side of the van, first carefully positioning and securing the four letter templates, and then drawing around each one.


The templates were then removed and the marked areas taped up as far as possible.

Initial undercoating was soon followed by two top coats, which is not normally possible, but with yet another warm day the paint was drying very quickly.

With the tape removed, Alex tidied up odd bits of the lettering as required to leave a very smart looking van.


The three door securing bolts and chains for this side of the van were cleaned, primed and then top coated by Dennis.

Again with the paint drying very quickly, it was possible to fit these by the end of the day (as can be seen in the previous photo).


With a new tin of GW Grey now available, George was back in his element adding a second top coat to the GW Toad brake van.


The morning tea break was made very pleasant by the appearance of some delicious chocolate caramel shortbread that Alex had made.


and some wonderful pen and watercolour drawings done by George.

No wonder he enjoys painting best of all!

With Dave and Penny on holiday, it was just Vivian in the Upholstery shop, stripping down another DMU seat back.


Ainsley and John Hughes, later joined by Dennis, completed another session of sanding and filling on FO 3132.

A large area on the Cotswold side is now almost ready for an initial covering of undercoat Light Grey.


Finally, a view of the new wheelchair access ramps for the Discovery Coach, which had been installed the day before.




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