Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Tuesday - Even hotter

Report by Dave Clark

We had six in today, so we're on the increase again. Another very hot day, though most of With the Workshop roller shutter open and the LNWR van rolled back a few feet to give extra space,

Richard Hoy

and Dennis Stevens completed the top coating. We will however, give the newly rebuilt doors yet another coat. This just leaves the "L N W R" lettering to paint and the application of the transfers.

Malcolm Baker tidied up the south corridor end of TSO 5023 and then applied undercoat Dark Grey. This is the first time we have used this and it will be better under black gloss instead of our universal Light Grey. He also applied red oxide to the exposed metal end plate.

A quick bit of painting on the inside of the station wheelchair ramp completed the repair job. It was later returned to Platform 2.

Ainsley was the only one out in the heat as he continued the clean-up and priming of the storage racking for use in the new area of the Workshop.


With windows well open and fans going, Vivian completely stripped down another of the DMU seats.

It will have been quite a marathon effort by the time the Upholstery Team complete the refurbishment of all the DMU seating. They really are doing a great job!


Lunchtime break with Ainsley, Richard, Dennis and Vivian having a well earned rest.


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Anonymous said...

Have to congratulate you guys for working in this heat!