Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Tuesday - Another quiet day

     Report by Dave Clark

Just 6 in today, so it was somewhat quiet.


Cheryl and Richard Hoy completed the second top coating on TO 5023, bar the Malvern side middle door and surrounding area which will be done once the door fit modifications have been finished.

Richard later removed the masking tape from the south end, left side.

In the Workshop Ainsley continued his filling work on the Malvern side of 3123.

Out in the Barn Richard Stone was back repairing the roof edges of the GW Toad guards van. When each bad area was fixed, it was coated in felt adhesive and the canvas stuck back down.

With the formal opening of the Paintshop building now planned for 15th August, preparations are underway to improve the general appearance of the outside. This included clearing away all the various odd items and dead weeds alongside the building.

We will also be repainting the two containers in a terracotta colour to blend in better with the new building and the old Workshop behind it. Malcolm Baker begins sanding down and generally cleaning up rusted areas on the green wood container.


Malcolm had to leave early, so later in the day Richard added red oxide to the cleaned-up rust sections, while I started the undercoating.

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