Thursday, 9 July 2015

Thursday - Questions questions.

With Christine and Jane both volunteering in the cafe again, Richard and I were both in today.

What are a group of painters called?

It appears to be a swarm because they were swarming all over 5023 today.






all helping to complete the first top coat.

name the song:
12 wheel chocks hanging on the wall

 8 varnished tables

 Loads of nice clean seasting
One more seat is drying
 Robin still a sanding

and Alan busy banging.
In all Phil fitted ropes to the newly made chocks and hung them ready for use. We decided not to paint them.
Robin lined up, cleaned up and varnished all the little window tables.
Ron, Roger and Alan fitted the seats that Paul has already cleaned while Paul continued the cleaning process. Alan was also repairing the lock on the toilet tank cupboard door.
Perhaps the nicest picture for Robin was him painting the table legs.
Usually he has to lay on his back or side and crawl under the tables to paint the legs.
This was a real treat for him.
Richard and John Hamer started refitting the glass for the toilet windows in 3132, they were missing.
John Hamer was also working on the bogies again, repositioning liners ready for re-welding.
Richard and I also helped to remove the springs and clean up the spacers that fit above and below the springs. These set the ride height of the bogies and thus the buffer heights.
Another area where there are clearly defined measurements to be meet.
Malcolm started the day painting the centre section of the roof of 3132 before moving into the barn and starting the removal of loose paint from the roof of 25743.
I did the two side of 3132's roof.
It gets very hot at this height in the workshop
but at that height we do get to look out of the square window.

We have finally 'named' the Discovery Carriage on platform 1. John Hamer foxing the name board while Phil looks on.

and Finally a question I have had for some time. What is the number of the LNWR van?

Richard applied the numbering today. Apparently this is the original number. Its not the number on the van when it came in , 47972, I am now wondering why and when it got changed!



Richard J said...


27018 is the original LNWR number. 47972 is the old Army number - so I am told by Clive Whitwham who knows these things


Toddington Ted said...

Built at Earlstown in 1920 to Diagram 88, towards the end of the LNWR's existence, this van's original number is 27018. It also carried the number M227018 in BR days before being sold off for MOD use. This van came from MOD Donington and quite a few of these vans survived because they were used on MOD rail sites. Although not a rare vehicle, it's always good to see a genuine pre-grouping vehicle like this. (I looked at the Vintage Carriages Wagon Survey website for this information - I'm not really an anorak!)
Although the progress on the GWSR coaching stock is always brilliant to see, I'm very impressed with the recent work you've done on the goods wagons and vans - always brings a railway to life in my view and these wagons are interesting, with a story to tell. Well done folks!