Thursday, 16 July 2015

Thursday Fans

Well Thursday is a popular day at C&W but the fans of the title are the new extraction fans that were installed in C&W today.

They still have to be wired up before full use when they will help to remove the fumes of the diesel when its shunting and also the dust of the sanding.

Ironically we had to do a shunt to remove 3132 from the workshop so that the guys could do the installation.

Job done and two fans installed. This is one of them replacing a window in the Malvern side of the workshop.

With 3132 moved out to the barn Richard Ken and I re installed the window prepared yesterday. We started by applying two rivets to hold it in place then left Ken doing the rest of them and filling round the edge of the frame.

On the other side of the carriage John Osborn sorted out a bulge in the side, a cut and weld together job.

Ken also made a patch for another small hole.

It was riveted in rather than welded due to the panelling and insulation behind the panel. It will be chemical metal filled to bond it in place.

In the paintshop work on 5023 was wide ranging with Alan varnishing in the vestibules

Robin doing some of the fiddle little jobs. This one required assistance from Steve who did some trim work on the centre door

before fitting the sliding saloon door.

Robin moved on to paint the exterior carriage connection door. The colour is called 'Orange Brown'. I guess they couldn't make up their minds about it. I can see why.

Preparing for the lining out Cheryl removed the tape.......

and most of her nails OOOOPs.

When Cheryl left I took over and taped up the first section and started lining out in yellow.

Out side the tidying up continued with several contributing the undercoating of the two containers.

The end of the day and two containers progressing well.

The roof also got attention

as did the compressor shed.

It being a nice afternoon it was good to be working out side.

Last thing, after I left, the centre car of the DMU was brought to Winchcombe ready for its repaint and overhaul over then next few weeks.

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Dave Clark said...

Some of the paint colours that we use have been specially made by T & R Williamson (our regular supplier) and are taken from the BS and RAL charts (listed at It is sometimes having to find a new paint to replace an ancient tin e.g. for many years our corridor connection doors were done in a tan-coloured paint named "Rosewood". The "Orange-brown" seemed to be the closest to this. Williamsons will do colour matching if required, but so far the colours we have identified ourselves in the charts have been the same when we opened the tin.

Over the past year we have obtained: -

Distant Blue RAL 5023 seat side panels in TSO 5023

Orange-Brown RAL 8023 coach corridor connection doors

Pure Orange RAL 2004 coach electrical connections

Dark Weatherwork Grey BS381 677 LNWR Van

We are just about to receive:

Red-Orange RAL 2001 top coat for the containers outside the Works, which should be a terracotta-type colour to go with the new building and brickwork of the old Workshop