Friday, 24 July 2015

Thursday - Crazy day

Report by Dave Clark

A very busy, crazy day with all sorts going on. 

With Cheryl top coating the doors in GW Brown (she really wanted pink for the Ladies!),

and Maurice, Pete and Bob continuing the wall painting

and top coating the door and window frames, we are just about done with the Toilet Block. Just a small bit left, plus the base of the compressor hut, when I get some more wall paint.


 Jeff, Richard and I tackled the bright aluminium on the wheelchair ramps for the Discovery Coach to blend this in better. An initial coating of etch primer was followed by undercoat brown.

which wasn't how Cheryl saw it!

Just Jeff to do the job, three to supervise!!

Her comment nothing to do with me.

Although there are still some aspects to complete, the Discovery Coach is now ready for its first opening on the first day of the summer Diesel Gala.

Dennis worked hard for much of the day preparing for all our Gala visitors over the next three days, initially tidying up and sweeping clean the path through the Barn, followed by the Workshop. Chequer tape was placed in readiness as required.

Ron, Roger and Alan put back the seating in the north compartment of TSO 5023. Second coats of internal varnishing were also added.


Richard Hoy started his day tidying up and re-undercoating the problematical central door on the Malvern side of the coach.

Alan repaired one of the toilet strip light covers for 5023.

Phil repaired and then reinstated one of the north end electrical connections.


In the Paintshop, Robin was revarnishing the north end corridor door for 5023. He later top coated the other side with the tan coloured paint used for these.


Martin sanded and primed all the remaining cut planks that will be used to repair the Shark ballast plough van.


Now returned to Platform 2 Bay, the LNWR van looks splendid after its repair and repaint.

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