Monday, 6 July 2015


Another warm day in the series which led to the cancellation on the main line of a steam special excursion. So we had more in attendance than expected. The main job of the day was to get the last door of 5023 back on.

Eddie got the router out and adjusted the door pull for the door. The extra wood removed had been stopping the window closing completely. That done I put it back on the door checked the window and all was well.

So with assistance from Richard and John Hamer the door was remounted.

The next job was to remake the strap that stops the door opening to far. The end loops were to tight for the pins to push in.

This is now ready to be fitted. We left it off for the door to be painted and varnishing to be done on the interior panelling of the vestibule. The mount plate for the strap fits in a tight corner on the panelling.

Paul was back on the seat cleaning with the upholstery wash and vac.

Its somewhat daunting to still the pile of seats waiting attention in the background. However, by the end of the day he had reached the half way mark.

Dave worked on the finishing of the door opening fior the centre door. The section below the floor level always gets tatty and needs a degree of TLC.

Moving into the workshop and working on the end of 3132 John Squires was cutting out and preparing rusted sections of the panelling for replacement.

Along the Malvern side of the carriage John Osborn was welding replacement frame work in. next will be to rebuild the outer skin. 

Many of the lower corners of the windows are rotten on this carriage and are being replaced.

On the work benches Phil was stripping down the water cisterns for 25451, which is currently in the barn for repairs and a repaint.

Having repaired and reassembled the tanks it was into the barn to check for leaks.

On 25451 itself Andy was on cosmetic repairs ready for filling and painting. Sorry it was one of those days where I couldn't find a good angle for the picture. The sun was streaming though the skylights which ever way I tried.

Also in the barn John Hamer was working on the bogies cleaning up the mount surfaces behind the now removed pedestal liners.

You do have to get 'inside' as well. Here the liners are back in place all be it only held by the spacer adjustment bars as John ensures they are precisely positioned before the welders get to work.

John does a lot of measurements and fine adjustments using the spcer bars. The positional tolerances are within 1/32" hence all the checks!

Also in the barn Richard was working on the roof edging of the Toad Brake van.

Once complete we can get back to fitting the canvass cover.

John Hill was again working away on another couple of seats for the DMU. We are about 1/5 of the way though the set.

The centre car from the set will soon be coming into the workshops for refurbishment. It will all hands as it has to be back in service for the end of the school holidays just 6 weeks.

Elsewhere, namely in the discovery carriage Steve was fitting the Perspex cover to the model of Toddington station

while a debate raged as to whose turn it was to drive the display loco at the other end.

I think it was actually of question of how to secure it in place.

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