Sunday, 26 July 2015

Saturday - A sunny Gala day 2

Report and pictures by Dave Clark with additions by me.

What a contrast after the wet Friday! It was back to normal for our Galas with a good number of visitors to the Works throughout the day.

With H&S very much in mind we now restrict access to the Workshop and Barn on our working days. Both are taped off to enable viewing but not access. Peter talks to three of our visitors.


Otherwise it was almost work as normal. In the Barn the Toad Brake van is nearing completion. Phil Jones applies the first coat of white textured masonry emulsion to the re-canvassed roof.

Clive sealed some gaps in the cast iron work to prevent water ingress.


Safely out of sight of our visitors, James prepares to do some welding above the corridor entrance on the south end of FO 3132.

On Thursday Ken had put back yet another window on 3132. Today both he and Kevin were busy clearing out more old rivets from windows due for extraction on this side of the coach. Kevin points out another area below the toilet window that has been cleaned up and coated in anti-corrosive primer.

Behind him the gap can be seen where Ian, Ken and I have removed another window ready for John O to do some welding repairs. 

Moving into the Workshop, Paul Ellis is cleaning up more of the roof of the DMU centre car, this time using a scraper and sander. The paint chipper had to be put aside with all our visitors in mind because it is somewhat noisy.

Further along on the Malvern side Chris is examining each of the door locks making adjustments where necessary.

Richard started the day agreeing a procedure for the replacement of the toilet floors. These are of a sandwich construction providing a heat shield from the equipment that is mounted underneath. You can't just put a new sheet of plywood down!

He also assisted Ian |and myself with the removal of all the seats and frames from one section of the carriage where we have to replace the water damaged ceiling.

We also carried out a test of the water tanks that were suspected of leaking. After the test we believe the tanks are OK. The water appears to be getting through the holes when the tanks are filled. The holes being around the filler connections I found in the roof.  

Richard moved on to remove all the transfers from the doors ready for painting preparations.

Kevin and Phil later removed a redundant underframe cable and sockets from each end of the unit.


Now into the Paintshop and back to TSO 5023, where a little more work was required on the north end. John Hawkins followed this with undercoating in dark grey.


On the Malvern side, south end, Martin adds the masking tape to paint the two yellow sections of the lower line.

Late in the day Dave and I set about applying some of the paint.


In the south compartment John Hill and Penny were busy installing more head rests.

They also found that what we thought was a complete set of seats actually has 2 that are wrong size. Correctly sized seats have been found but will need some attention before installation.

In the upholstery shop more progress was made on seats for the DMU.

Steve puts back the newly painted and varnished north end corridor door, and attaches all the door furniture.

Finally with the August 15th formal opening of our new building still very much in mind, Ainsley completed the cleaning up and undercoating on the second of the two containers. The new Red-Orange paint has arrived and, weather permitting, we should soon be able to blend the containers in a bit better with the general Works brickwork and cladding.

That is once we have managed to seal the roof which Ainsley found to be still leaking. Some times the rain comes in useful!

Another step forward in the facilities improvements was Ken and Ian finishing the shelving for the new racks in the workshop.




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