Sunday, 12 July 2015

Saturday - Progress all round

    Report by Dave Clark

Starting with Upholstery today, there was just John Hill in attendance as others are on holiday. John was busy preparing the newly varnished seat tops with the seating numbers.


The north compartment of TSO 5023, with the cleaned seating gradually going back. The "Distant Blue" paint on the side panels blends in well with the re-covered head and arm rests. Notice the LNWR van number 27018 perfectly framed in the open corridor connection!


Paul was once again back on upholstery cleaning. It is heartening to see that enormous pile in the corner of the Paintshop now very much reduced. The four seats in the foreground have been done and once dried will be fitted.


Great progress was made yesterday with second top-coating of 5023, with Tony Caulfield (almost perfectly reflected!) and myself completing nearly all of the Malvern side and the north end of the Cotswold side.


However we have had more than our fair share of niggles with this coach. The latest has been with three of the doors having to have more work on them to ensure a proper fit. Steve spent quite a time on the centre door and frame during the day, and his work isn't quite finished yet.

In the Workshop Dennis prepares more vacuum hoses, a very useful job because you never know when one is urgently needed for one of the running rakes.


Just across from Dennis, Ken carefully places the special sealant around the one of the toilet windows of FO 3132, the new opaque glass having been fitted last week.

Job done, with the refurbished window now back in place. Above this the first coating of Flint Grey gleams on the roof.

John Squires prepares more sheet metal for the rebuilding of the south end of the FO.

On one of the windows on the Malvern side, James replaces a badly corroded part of the base bar.


With the recent greying up on the Cotswold side of the FO showing where more filler is required, Ainsley continues his good work in this area. It's great to see some consistency beginning to appear as paint is applied.

Having cleaned up another window surround, Richard is applying green primer. Obviously there is still a huge amount to do on this very sizeable coach restoration, but overall progress on the FO to date has been exceptional.

We have come on in leaps and bounds with our bogie refurbishments. With the outer welds clearly visible, John Osborn prepares to weld the back of the one of the new pedestal liners to the horn guide.

As has been done with the LNWR van, the emphasis is very much on the "weather side" of the GW Toad van and George adds a third coat of GW Grey to the upper planking.

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