Sunday, 19 July 2015

Saturday - DMU

Today was our first chance to really investigate the work needed to restore the DMU Centre car over the next 6 weeks.

The seats we knew were bad in the whole 3-car set and have been working on them. None appear to have been put in the this car so far

and as you can see they are a ramshackle mix there are a lot to do just start looking the part.

We removed the seat bases from one section to start working on that section.

Phil started on removing the damaged section ceiling

and the peeling backing to the luggage rack area.

The first class area floor was cover.

 The internal doors and loo doors were removed for repairs and to allow better access

especially for new flooring to the toilet area.

Then there is the roof. We also started on clearing the flaking paint.

It was suggested we do this in 6 weeks........ yeah

Now joking apart any realistic estimates, guesses?

Add to that we also have 6 weeks to tidy up the shark guards van before its needed for ballasting on the extension to Broadway.

The first job was to clear it out.

Richard applied the carriage numbers to TSO 5023.

while Steve sorted the locks on the corridor connection.

Dave did some rubbing down to apply some stain as the section was rather to pale compared with the rest of the door.

 George started on the end panel painting.

Elsewhere while the shunt was in progress to bring the DMU into the workshop we took the opportunity to bring the sections for our new storage rack into the workshop and erect it.

In full use it will enable us to keep the removed components of a carriage together and hopefully not loose them.

After the shunt with 3132 back in the barn John Squires
started on connecting the pipework to the reinstalled water tank.


and John Osborn were preparing replacement sections of steel for patches on the carriage which were later welded in place.

and finally Richard continued the repairs to the Brake van. Here restoring the set of bolts to hold the roof bars in place.

he has earlier painted the bars in the sunshine.

So all in all a challenging few weeks ahead.

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