Saturday, 25 July 2015




Grenville Care

We are sad to announce the passing of a long time volunteer of the railway and especially C&W.

He along with his cheeky wit will be greatly missed.

SAD NEWS also announced by Ian Allan publishing


We were very sad to announce that Ian Allan died peacefully on 28 June, a day short of his 93rd birthday, after a long illness. The father of ‘trainspotting’ and an inspirational and legendary figure in the world of railways throughout his long and successful life, he will be greatly missed.


Toddington Ted said...

Very sorry to read of Grenville's passing. He was one of the "original band" of volunteers in C&W I believe. I seem to remember that he worked for the Electricity Board at one time, my father knew him quite well when he lived in the Cotswolds. I will give my Dad the sad news.

Ian Allan did so much for the heritage railway movement. I recall sharing a compartment with him on a steam special back in the 1980s. I had no idea who he was for a while until I racked my brains as the face seemed somewhat familiar. However, it was the Ian Allan publishing ties that he and his colleague were wearing that confirmed it!

Anonymous said...

My dad, Tony Seddon, remembers Grenville well. He worked with him for many years. He recalls a wonderful sense of humour, which made the time fly. He will post his own tribute later.