Saturday, 25 July 2015

Friday - A soggy Gala day 1

Report by Dave Clark

The first day of the Diesel Gala turned out to be somewhat wet and, with it also being a Friday, our visitors were just a steady trickle throughout the day. However it was still very enjoyable doing tours for those that did appear, and with time to spare we also did some work. An added bonus was the excellent breakfast bap stall by the station!

The first job of the day was to complete the preparations for our visitors, which included a major vacuum session around the Paintshop, all of which kept Richard Hoy, Pete Lucas and myself busy for an hour or so.


The displays in the Paintshop.


Richard Stone added more white top coat where required on the Toad brake van,


after initially wiping over the hand rails, before applying the paint.

Richard Johnson applied the transfers around the van. The position of each is carefully measured.


The transfer with backing paper is very carefully applied. After pressing the transfer down hard, the backing paper is carefully removed.


Leaving a good clean and very attractive result

John Squires made out a template for the bolt positions of the top wooden sections of the corridor connection on FO 3132.


Richard Hoy top coated his previous day's work on the repaired middle door on the Malvern side of TSO 5023.


Meanwhile the day grew wetter and wetter.

The Maintenance Gang were also in preparing the freight train for a forthcoming photo charter. John Appleton returns for some tools while Martin Thornley makes his way down the yard to join the others.

The remaining photos were taken by Stuart Hamilton: -

In the pouring rain, the Maintenance gang spent the morning inspecting the wagons,

oiling, checking brakes and refitting vacuum pipe seals.


The brake ratchet mechanism under one of the GW vans, which Stuart had to free with a bar. Not an easy job because it is inside the underframe as opposed to the more standard ratchets or pin holes on the handle as used for BR and other regions wagons.


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