Thursday, 30 July 2015

Wednesday - don't forget the milk

As we were out of milk by the end of Tuesday I had to bring milk with me today. This was fine and I did remember but the effort proved to much and I forgot my phone and thus my camera. So there are no pictures for todays blog. Sorry.

With the number of things going on its perhaps as well as this would become a very long posting.

Starting out in the barn or just outside it Richard later joined by Steve continued with the frame work for the panelling on the Ballast Plough.

In the workshop Trevor took up the air gun and sander to continue the cleaning off of old paint etc from the roof of the DMU centre car. I continued the repairs to the floor of the corridor connection at the southern end. I had started this on Tuesday with Tony but forgot to include it.

Ralph commenced battle with rusted screws and bolts as he started to strip door 1 from the BSK 34929 (the third door of 14). The door has all the usual problem of rusted (now none existent metal on parts of the door edges and round the handle and under the window. By the end of the day the wood door panels had been removed and but one bolt on the door lock was still grimly holding on. Hopefully the penetrating oil will do its job before next week!

This was the main hive of activity today with Trevor painting the end black again. He did last week but as often happens when a panel changes from a hotch potch of patches to one colour you can see the blemishes. Consequently some extra sanding was done at the week-end.

The lining out is the only exterior work left (that I can think of) and this was taken on by Russ and Des while Maurice gave a second coat of black to the new steps for 3132. Inside 5023 John and Penny were securing the seat side panels. This is now 3/4 done.

Steve was busy refitting the toilets and noticed a small leak in one of the cistern tanks It could just be a pipe work joint. It will get checked out Thursday.

Dave was continued stripping down DMU seats while John and Penny recovered the replacement seat for 5023.

There was a lot of activity here with Mike and Paul starting the restoration work on the doors for 3132. The doors have already been stripped down and cleaned.

Steve made a frame for the plaque workshop opening ceremony while Eddy and Dave sourced section of wood for Richard in the barn and me in the DMU. They also  reorganised the storage container ready for John Osborn or James to complete the framework. When that's done we can finally get the wood supplies in one place!

Des did some final tidying up in the carriage and as I was passing I had a chat to three visitors in the carriage. As a result I think the wall map of the line does need a north point on it.

Two of the visitors, a couple, only stopped at the station because they saw the coffee pot sign by the road as the passed in their car. They promised to be back for a ride they were very impressed by the bits of the railway the saw. The cafĂ©, the station, the trains which happened to pass as we chatted and the discovery carriage. 

I have a feeling there were other things going on as well. Its another way the pictures help.
I hope this has at least painted a picture for you!
I need a holiday, oh yes I am having one......

 I am going away camping with the grandsons!

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Tuesday - back to work

After a busy week-end it was back to the routine today.

Richard who is on a personal challenge to sort the Shark ballast Plough planking out set about creating a new frame to support the said planking on the south end side section. This had to be extensively shaped to fit flat around various bolts.

In Alex having completed the GW on the Cotswold side of the Toad, returned to the paintshop and lined out another section of 5023.

Dave Dron continued with the seat preparation stripping the old cloth from another three seats.

As it was looking like rain all day the rest of us abandoned painting the containers and set about the DMU centre car.

Dennis and Ainsley worked on cleaning the roof ready for painting.

Tony removed the two end seats and frames ready for the upholstery team. Then removed the corridor connection door for repairs.

I set about investigating the 'bubbles' in the paintwork at the end of the carriage. These tend to reveal the rust mite has been at work. Oh dear!

I didn't take a picture but both sides of the end panelling at the bottom are in a similar state.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Sunday - Gala day 3 and back to wet

      Report by Dave Clark

After a lovely sunny Saturday we were back to rain again. However it didn't stop another steady flow of visitors to the Works. As it wasn't one of our standard work days, access was provided again through the old Workshop and Barn. There were quiet spells which enabled the four of us to do some more work. Never miss an opportunity.

Richard Stone removed planking from the south end of the Shark ballast plough.


Also in the Barn, Alex concentrates hard as his paints the G on the side of the Toad Brake van. He later completed both undercoat and top coat on both the G and W letters.


In the Paintshop Cheryl continues lining out on TSO 5023 (where did she get those shoes?!).


She was later joined by Alex, who more or less completed the bottom line on the Cotswold side.


Sunday, 26 July 2015

Saturday - A sunny Gala day 2

Report and pictures by Dave Clark with additions by me.

What a contrast after the wet Friday! It was back to normal for our Galas with a good number of visitors to the Works throughout the day.

With H&S very much in mind we now restrict access to the Workshop and Barn on our working days. Both are taped off to enable viewing but not access. Peter talks to three of our visitors.


Otherwise it was almost work as normal. In the Barn the Toad Brake van is nearing completion. Phil Jones applies the first coat of white textured masonry emulsion to the re-canvassed roof.

Clive sealed some gaps in the cast iron work to prevent water ingress.


Safely out of sight of our visitors, James prepares to do some welding above the corridor entrance on the south end of FO 3132.

On Thursday Ken had put back yet another window on 3132. Today both he and Kevin were busy clearing out more old rivets from windows due for extraction on this side of the coach. Kevin points out another area below the toilet window that has been cleaned up and coated in anti-corrosive primer.

Behind him the gap can be seen where Ian, Ken and I have removed another window ready for John O to do some welding repairs. 

Moving into the Workshop, Paul Ellis is cleaning up more of the roof of the DMU centre car, this time using a scraper and sander. The paint chipper had to be put aside with all our visitors in mind because it is somewhat noisy.

Further along on the Malvern side Chris is examining each of the door locks making adjustments where necessary.

Richard started the day agreeing a procedure for the replacement of the toilet floors. These are of a sandwich construction providing a heat shield from the equipment that is mounted underneath. You can't just put a new sheet of plywood down!

He also assisted Ian |and myself with the removal of all the seats and frames from one section of the carriage where we have to replace the water damaged ceiling.

We also carried out a test of the water tanks that were suspected of leaking. After the test we believe the tanks are OK. The water appears to be getting through the holes when the tanks are filled. The holes being around the filler connections I found in the roof.  

Richard moved on to remove all the transfers from the doors ready for painting preparations.

Kevin and Phil later removed a redundant underframe cable and sockets from each end of the unit.


Now into the Paintshop and back to TSO 5023, where a little more work was required on the north end. John Hawkins followed this with undercoating in dark grey.


On the Malvern side, south end, Martin adds the masking tape to paint the two yellow sections of the lower line.

Late in the day Dave and I set about applying some of the paint.


In the south compartment John Hill and Penny were busy installing more head rests.

They also found that what we thought was a complete set of seats actually has 2 that are wrong size. Correctly sized seats have been found but will need some attention before installation.

In the upholstery shop more progress was made on seats for the DMU.

Steve puts back the newly painted and varnished north end corridor door, and attaches all the door furniture.

Finally with the August 15th formal opening of our new building still very much in mind, Ainsley completed the cleaning up and undercoating on the second of the two containers. The new Red-Orange paint has arrived and, weather permitting, we should soon be able to blend the containers in a bit better with the general Works brickwork and cladding.

That is once we have managed to seal the roof which Ainsley found to be still leaking. Some times the rain comes in useful!

Another step forward in the facilities improvements was Ken and Ian finishing the shelving for the new racks in the workshop.




Saturday, 25 July 2015




Grenville Care

We are sad to announce the passing of a long time volunteer of the railway and especially C&W.

He along with his cheeky wit will be greatly missed.

SAD NEWS also announced by Ian Allan publishing


We were very sad to announce that Ian Allan died peacefully on 28 June, a day short of his 93rd birthday, after a long illness. The father of ‘trainspotting’ and an inspirational and legendary figure in the world of railways throughout his long and successful life, he will be greatly missed.

Friday - A soggy Gala day 1

Report by Dave Clark

The first day of the Diesel Gala turned out to be somewhat wet and, with it also being a Friday, our visitors were just a steady trickle throughout the day. However it was still very enjoyable doing tours for those that did appear, and with time to spare we also did some work. An added bonus was the excellent breakfast bap stall by the station!

The first job of the day was to complete the preparations for our visitors, which included a major vacuum session around the Paintshop, all of which kept Richard Hoy, Pete Lucas and myself busy for an hour or so.


The displays in the Paintshop.


Richard Stone added more white top coat where required on the Toad brake van,


after initially wiping over the hand rails, before applying the paint.

Richard Johnson applied the transfers around the van. The position of each is carefully measured.


The transfer with backing paper is very carefully applied. After pressing the transfer down hard, the backing paper is carefully removed.


Leaving a good clean and very attractive result

John Squires made out a template for the bolt positions of the top wooden sections of the corridor connection on FO 3132.


Richard Hoy top coated his previous day's work on the repaired middle door on the Malvern side of TSO 5023.


Meanwhile the day grew wetter and wetter.

The Maintenance Gang were also in preparing the freight train for a forthcoming photo charter. John Appleton returns for some tools while Martin Thornley makes his way down the yard to join the others.

The remaining photos were taken by Stuart Hamilton: -

In the pouring rain, the Maintenance gang spent the morning inspecting the wagons,

oiling, checking brakes and refitting vacuum pipe seals.


The brake ratchet mechanism under one of the GW vans, which Stuart had to free with a bar. Not an easy job because it is inside the underframe as opposed to the more standard ratchets or pin holes on the handle as used for BR and other regions wagons.


Friday, 24 July 2015

Thursday - Crazy day

Report by Dave Clark

A very busy, crazy day with all sorts going on. 

With Cheryl top coating the doors in GW Brown (she really wanted pink for the Ladies!),

and Maurice, Pete and Bob continuing the wall painting

and top coating the door and window frames, we are just about done with the Toilet Block. Just a small bit left, plus the base of the compressor hut, when I get some more wall paint.


 Jeff, Richard and I tackled the bright aluminium on the wheelchair ramps for the Discovery Coach to blend this in better. An initial coating of etch primer was followed by undercoat brown.

which wasn't how Cheryl saw it!

Just Jeff to do the job, three to supervise!!

Her comment nothing to do with me.

Although there are still some aspects to complete, the Discovery Coach is now ready for its first opening on the first day of the summer Diesel Gala.

Dennis worked hard for much of the day preparing for all our Gala visitors over the next three days, initially tidying up and sweeping clean the path through the Barn, followed by the Workshop. Chequer tape was placed in readiness as required.

Ron, Roger and Alan put back the seating in the north compartment of TSO 5023. Second coats of internal varnishing were also added.


Richard Hoy started his day tidying up and re-undercoating the problematical central door on the Malvern side of the coach.

Alan repaired one of the toilet strip light covers for 5023.

Phil repaired and then reinstated one of the north end electrical connections.


In the Paintshop, Robin was revarnishing the north end corridor door for 5023. He later top coated the other side with the tan coloured paint used for these.


Martin sanded and primed all the remaining cut planks that will be used to repair the Shark ballast plough van.


Now returned to Platform 2 Bay, the LNWR van looks splendid after its repair and repaint.