Thursday, 25 June 2015

Wednesday - Weightlifting

As I was staying at my daugther's near Ashby it was a long treck, for me, to Winchcombe today.

The first thing was to meet up with the engineers who are to install a ventilation/extraction system in the main workshop. They were measuring the windows where it will be installed.

The it was back to the more normal round of sort out work.

Ralph on a door from 3132. The whole in the lower panel, top of the picture, was first reason for removing this door for attention!

While Derrick tackled door 2 from the BSK 34929. The near side vertical of the frame has collapsed and will need replacing on this one.

Dave Ward was having his own battle with the 2 doors for the LNWR van. I gave him a hand

but we ended up put both doors on (and off) three times

before finally having them in place bolts fitted ready for painting.  As I have said before you don't need a gym membership if you work in C&W

John Hamer sized up and cut out the new end base plate for 3132. Quarter inch steel is like the doors also very heavy as were the old batteries John sold for scrap this afternoon. Some extra money for the departments budget and more weight lifting.

Johns Hughes & Hill continued refitting seat ends and trim sections to 5023 the seats will not be long coming back. More Lifting!

Another section done. Dave and Penny Dron were also assisting before returning to DMU seating.

Trevor along with Rod did some more filling sanding and undercoating on 5023 in the paintshop before switching to the 3132 in the workshop for more of the same.

Kevin started by cleaning out the gutters on the Malvern side of 3132 before switching to assist Ken removing and refitting the door bumper on 25451 in the barn.

So little visual return for what was a big job. The rust mite need seeing too!

Still when the door opens they do meet. Well done.

Returning to the door theme Craig back from Holiday checked out the door strap mountings for the last door we fitted to 5023 but didn't quite get time to refit the trim strip Steve sorry.

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