Thursday, 4 June 2015

Wednesday - Doors

With the extra work benches now available after the latest step in our workshop reorganisation we were working on doors from three separate carriages today.

Mike Blakeman was finishing the foot bar for the last door on 5023 and fitting the associated wood panel. Sorry no picture and in fact few pictures today as my phone ran out of charge and I had to borrow Jane's, my wife, who was on her first day as a volunteer in the 'Coffee Pot' cafĂ© at Winchcombe.

Ken and I removed the Cotswold side centre door from 3132

and Derrick started on the process of stripping it down for repairs. By the end of the day the wood trim and lazy tongues were removed the door was all cleaned up and moved on into the door section of the woodwork shop.

Ralph was doing much the same to the first door to be removed from the BSK. There are 14 in total to do!

Elsewhere Ken was cleaning up the first of the corridor connections from FO 3132. Stripping down to renew some parts and ready for others to be repaired.

Russ was busy on another section of TSO 5023.

The first job was to wipe down the surface.

Then apply the madder undercoat.

I was busy painting the last section of the wood storage frame with rust protector.

The upholstery team are in full flow with the DMU seats.

Dave preparing one seat base

while Penny helped John Hill start the recovering process on another.

Having helped Eddie with some more fitting out in the 'Discovery Coach' in the platform 1 bay Des returned to the clean up of the recently obtained set of spare window sliders.

Today was a lovely sunny day being enjoyed by the Teddy Bears and a lot of young folk under the guidance of Claudette and C&W's Richard Stone.

I did do a small adjustment to the door of the store wagon she uses. Yesterday with the rain the door had been sticking. Hopefully no more, at least until it rains again!

We also had a visit from the hoist and lifting gear assessor. John Hamer was showing him where everything was and dealing with the one minor issue raised. A missing circlip. After a quick trip to the diesel department, thanks to them, the issue was resolved and everything passed muster. So now we can start using our new Corridor connection Gantry and the door team can have theirs back.


Alex said...

Erm, hate to say this, but it doesn't look like 5023 has been taped up before undercoating in pic 6... :-/

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

It doesn't really make that much difference on a one colour carriage. It just makes the life a little easier.

Alex said...

*grumble grumble* not how it should be done... *grumble grumble*. :-)

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

You know what to do. I'll save the reel of tape for you. Then we can all grumble about the line not being straight. hee hee.