Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Tuesday - Stripping, covers and lines

Report by Dave Clark

Another chilly June day with 6 of us in this week. 
Three of us had lunch on the Barn seats as the sun was out - great watching the trains, but that north wind! Brrrrrrr!

Ken was busy stripping out old wood and insulation from the south vestibule of FO 3132. This is very necessary to give access to all the welding repairs over the coming weeks. 

The Upholstery section had just Dave Dron in as Vivian is on holiday. Working on yet another of the DMU seats. Dave is re-attaching the spring bed to the baseboard with strips of canvas.

The easiest way to clean up the old seat covering!

This is then used as a base covering for the springs.

John Hughes was busy working on the doors of the Cotswold side of the LNWR van, initially sanding down the back of the dropdown door before undercoating it.

He then went on to undercoating both the new and repaired upper doors, which have yet to be put back on the van.

Taping up the lower yellow-black-yellow line on the Malvern side of the Santa coach to paint the yellow sections was done by Richard Hoy and Ainsley, while I started on the Cotswold side. When originally painted, the old line was double-taped to give the required width, but as we found from using single tape of the correct width, the top and bottom edges of the new line were often wider than the old line. Thus when putting on the outer tapes you needed good close-up vision to ensure the tape edge was exactly on the new maroon paint line. Ignoring the old yellow sections you then positioned the centre tape to cover the old black section, according to the new outer tape positions. Got all that? Good!

With taping completed, the old underlying colours made the adjusted positioning look somewhat odd and off-putting until the new yellow was painted on and sanity resumed. Several coatings of yellow were followed by immediate removal of the tape to prevent both possible seepage and the tape taking off any underlying maroon top coat.

The yellow sections completed on the Malvern side. The central black section will be left until Saturday to allow the yellow paint to dry out as much as possible. 

Large polythene tea bag packets are great for protecting the bolster outriggers on our spare bogies. The latest one put to good use today!

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