Monday, 1 June 2015

A normal weekend - almost

Report by Dave Clark

It really was back to normal this weekend with a lot going on. Except we also had a very enjoyable visit by 15 members of the Malvern Civic Society, the first of a number of tours by visiting groups over the next 2 weeks and there was still one spam can to watch go past.

First job of the day was to shift the Broadway furniture away from the Upholstery hoist area in the entrance hall to the new storage part of the Workshop. It will remain here until the Woodwork team can do the necessary repairs.

There was much concentration on FO 3132 today. Having fitted the water tank above last week; Ian removed the corrugated floor base inside the south vestibule .


A view of the cleared vestibule.

We have had problems with releasing the two base arms from the corridor connection before.

Once again its proved easier to take them out with the connection.

So on a later visit to the Barn I found that the end was off and supported on the hoist with the arms attached.

The full extent of the repair work required at this end can now be clearly seen.


Just around the corner on the Cotswold side, John Osborn and Richard Stone assist with the removal of another window. I'm not sure who was on the inside.


Further along on another window cavity, James is cleaning up the central supports for the window frame base bar.

The end result with the new z-bar now welded on.

At the north end John Squires is measuring up for the required strips of replacement sheet metal at the base of another window. We have a huge amount to do on 3132, but we are steadily getting there!

In the Workshop, Steve was slowly winning his fight with the central door. The problem was the draught excluder - although correctly fitted, it was preventing complete door closure. After a degree of adjustment the battle was won and the door now shuts as it should.

At the end of the day, the penultimate door was quickly put back on. It shut perfectly!

In the Paintshop, second top coating of the two sides of the Santa coach is progressing very well, with Tony and Alex Caulfield on the Cotswold side

and Bob on the Malvern side.

Ainsley completed the preparation and final black glossing on the north end of the coach. This just leaves the high parts (requiring the scaffold), lamp brackets, and corridor end doors to paint to complete both ends.


The south end Malvern side door step was removed by Andy. We have a number of prepared steps to replace both this and the one at the opposite end. The steps on the Cotswold side aren't used and will simply be cosmetically restored.

In the Barn the Toad guards van is rapidly changing colour as more undercoat Light Grey is added by George and Richard Stone.


Our dedicated Saturday Upholstery team, Jenny, John, Penny and Dave, busy once again and doing a great job re-covering more DMU seats.

Once the new seats start to go in, the DMU interior should steadily begin to look a lot better.

Our replacement bogies for the Santa and Model Railway coaches have now arrived. While not suitable for normal running, they will be ideal for the limited station-to-yard movements, in effect all that will be required for these two vehicles.


Andy cleaning more of the recently purchased window sliders.

Alex, Tony, Andy and George enjoying the morning tea break in the sun.


Well who wants to sit in the Mess Room when you can have a grandstand view of this!




Anonymous said...

Just wondering why the bogies cannot be used for normal running? I did not think you could exceed 25 mph anyway? Are they pencil in some way?



Ken said...

The bogies were gas-axed on certain elements so as to enable a Film/TV crew to record a carriage going onto its side.

Perhaps they could be repaired, with much careful work but, as they were purchased at effectively, scrap value, they are best used to release complete units for future use on other vehicles.

I'm getting confused here! I've been trying to use BB Code for the Italics rather than HTML Code.. DOH!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your excellent blog.

I am wondering what the plans are for the latest carriage to arrive, No. 4614?

Also, will a photo and comment be added to the list of open carriages?