Sunday, 28 June 2015

Saturday - A very hot day

Report by Dave Clark

It was a hot sticky day, but despite this the large number in attendance today achieved quite a lot.

Alex all ready for his first turn as a TTI. Thankfully we haven't lost him - he will be back to his painting in C&W on Tuesday.

Dennis busy in the office catching up with our all-important records.


Moving into the Upholstery shop, John Hill and Penny were gluing canvas strips to the pre-cut foam fillings. The canvas enables the foam to be sewn onto the DMU seat frame.


Jenny and Dave Dron attack another DMU seat to remove the worn covering. Keep those seats coming into C&W - at this rate it won't be long before the first part of the DMU is completed.


Looks like I was lucky to exit the Upholstery Shop unscathed! Those needles are very long!


In the Paintshop Paul is gradually working through the large number of seats and backs, each one having a wash and vac ready for putting back into TSO 5023.

The waste water from the cleaning in the nearby bucket was black!


Bob top-coated most of the Cotswold side of 5023, with me joining in towards the end of the day. Just need to sort out the centre and south end doors with some extra sanding and undercoating, and then initial top-coating can be completed on this side.


Moving along from 5023, Phil Jones painted the first coat of the lovely Dark Weatherwork Grey on the newly repaired doors of the LNWR van.

Also in the Paintshop, John Hawkins cleaned up and top-coated most of the repaired wheelchair ramp in GWR Brown, including carefully painting around the lettering. We just need to tidy up the yellow paint inside the ramp and it can then be returned to Platform 2.


In the Woodwork Shop Steve, and earlier on Eddie, prepared the four new perspex covers for the model of Toddington Station being housed in the discovery carriage.

This was  a precision job involving careful measuring and drilling for the hinges and clasps. Steve also attached a hardwood strip that will house one of the locks.

Eddie has also made a unit for a second model railway for the Discovery Coach, which I primed and later undercoated. This will be completed in Light Executive Grey to match the rest of the coach interior.


John Squires was preparing tiny locking plates for the model railway covers.       

In the Workshop Ainsley

and George continued the lengthy job of filling and sanding around the reinstated windows and other areas of panelling now ready for such treatment.

In the Barn, Ken was inserting replacement rivets in the skirting on SK 25451.

The bogie refurb continues with John Osborn welding the new pedestal liners within the axle horn guides.


Richard cleaned up and primed the heavy curved angle-irons for the ends of the Toad roof .


Peter and Andy (and earlier Ian) were busy cleaning up a pile of racking, which Ainsley later primed in red oxide. This will be used for storage in the new cleared area of the Workshop.

A small shunt also took place to remove the spare DMU power unit from beside the Workshop (ready for its eventual move to Toddington in mid-July) and replace it with initially more bogies,


and then the refurbished Santa coach. This will be the coach's home for about 10 months of the year until November, when it will replace the Discovery coach and be made ready for the Santa Specials.


Friday, 26 June 2015

Thursday - Hats off to a good day!

         Report by Dave Clark

First photo of the day was of Ron Woodruff talking to Claudette Oddy. Having not long been promoted to Guard's Inspector, Ron is now temporary Head Guard during Kevin Bartolf's absence.

Claudette had popped into C&W to sort out a hat for Alex, who has now begun training as a TTI.


Having just returned from an excellent holiday in Scotland, Michael is busy catching up with the back log.


Inside TSO 5023, Paul is having another vacuum around the two compartments. The seat side panels are now back in, and once the vestibules have had new lino and the compartment doors and their runners reinstated, the seats and backs will be fitted.

Tony was busy finishing the cleaning up of this door from FO 3132 which Ralph had been stripping down the day before.


A good job of sanding, as proved by the wonderful pattern of colours displaying the doors history!


The final job for the day was to apply a coat of undercoat light grey.

In the Cotswold side south end doorway, Steve was fitting the new top part of the frame.


Ron and Roger (not pictured) were once again busy varnishing the veneer panelling on door backs and in the vestibules.

With nearly all the madder undercoating completed, Bob Keyte top-coated more of the Cotswold side windows.


In the Workshop, John Osborn was doing some major filling along the repaired panelling below one of the extracted windows on FO 3132.

While filling may not be his usual role, he still did some excellent welding with two jobs for the station staff.

The first was a repair to a broken seat from the booking office, while the second  (pictured) was welding two new handles onto one of the wheelchair ramps from Platform 2.

The new base plate for the south corridor end of 3132, that was cut on Wednesday is now in position and ready to be welded in.


One of Ken's jobs during the day was cleaning up around one of the windows on SK 25451 in the Barn.

Despite all the work on the other two coaches we are still making steady progress with 25451, although it will be just a bit more than, the hoped for, quick refurb.

Certainly relaxing after all those GCSE's and enjoying the warm sunshine, Alex was doing a brilliant job bringing back the faded transfer on the Cotswold side of the Gunpowder Van. He then completed other bits of tidying up on this side of the van.


As if this wasn't enough, there was time to start repairing the GWR roundel on the Fruit C Van in the opposite bay platform.

Although he still wants to attend C&W when he can, we will very much miss Alex when he becomes a regular TTI.


Although not so obvious in a photo, I spent some time polishing the cream paintwork on the Discovery Coach, removing all the black streaking caused by rain washing down accumulated dust and dirt from the locos and our very dusty yard. The result was well worth while.


The sunken drain and surrounding area in the Barn with the prominent rail has always been a nuisance.

Having checked with our drainage team, who have assessed that water flow actually doesn't go through this hole, it was filled in with ballast. The whole area marked out in yellow will be concreted to bring the level up to the rest of the Barn floor.


Thursday, 25 June 2015

Wednesday - Weightlifting

As I was staying at my daugther's near Ashby it was a long treck, for me, to Winchcombe today.

The first thing was to meet up with the engineers who are to install a ventilation/extraction system in the main workshop. They were measuring the windows where it will be installed.

The it was back to the more normal round of sort out work.

Ralph on a door from 3132. The whole in the lower panel, top of the picture, was first reason for removing this door for attention!

While Derrick tackled door 2 from the BSK 34929. The near side vertical of the frame has collapsed and will need replacing on this one.

Dave Ward was having his own battle with the 2 doors for the LNWR van. I gave him a hand

but we ended up put both doors on (and off) three times

before finally having them in place bolts fitted ready for painting.  As I have said before you don't need a gym membership if you work in C&W

John Hamer sized up and cut out the new end base plate for 3132. Quarter inch steel is like the doors also very heavy as were the old batteries John sold for scrap this afternoon. Some extra money for the departments budget and more weight lifting.

Johns Hughes & Hill continued refitting seat ends and trim sections to 5023 the seats will not be long coming back. More Lifting!

Another section done. Dave and Penny Dron were also assisting before returning to DMU seating.

Trevor along with Rod did some more filling sanding and undercoating on 5023 in the paintshop before switching to the 3132 in the workshop for more of the same.

Kevin started by cleaning out the gutters on the Malvern side of 3132 before switching to assist Ken removing and refitting the door bumper on 25451 in the barn.

So little visual return for what was a big job. The rust mite need seeing too!

Still when the door opens they do meet. Well done.

Returning to the door theme Craig back from Holiday checked out the door strap mountings for the last door we fitted to 5023 but didn't quite get time to refit the trim strip Steve sorry.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Tuesday - And then there were three

Report by Dave Clark

With apologies to Genesis for borrowing their album title, but that was the sum total attendance for most of the day.

Chris Taylor escaped from work and popped in for a while to see progress, and John Hamer joined us mid-afternoon. Holidays, rostering, etc, are definitely having an affect on Tuesdays and it's quite a while now since we were in double figures.

Ainsley did a brilliant job sanding down the filler and generally sorting out the three reinstated windows on the Cotswold side, south end, of FO 3132.


Making the most of the good weather before the rain returns, Dennis enjoyed a day in the sunshine, initially painting the coupling on the north end of the Barry wagon in Platform 1 bay.


He then transferred to the Gunpowder Van in Platform 2 bay, painting the Cotswold side brake components, springs and axleboxes and then completing the paintwork on both ends.


I later joined him and continued tidying up the lettering and, a job many of us enjoy, painting the letters and border on the cast iron warning plate. Bar the faded transfer in the bottom right corner (which Alex has his eyes on), all that remains now is to complete the roof and finish off the Malvern side.

John Hamer worked on the bogie currently undergoing maintenance in the Barn.

Using the expansion joints to clamp the pedestal liners in place, he was able to check the clearance measurement prior to the liners eventually being welded back in place.


I love working outside, particularly in the station area where you can watch the trains at close quarters and talk to our visitors.