Thursday, 30 April 2015

Wednesday - Arrivals

We were supposed to have a delivery on Tuesday of the moquette for the DMU seats or so we thought. However, nothing arrived, we will have to check up on when it will arrive.

Today we were expecting two more deliveries.

The return of our carriage jacks. These arrived promptly at lunch time and were soon unloaded in a revised layout. the revised layout means that the winding wheels that move they jacks under the carriage are all facing inwards. This simplifies the operations as the wheels are easier to reach.

The other arrival was at Toddington where TSO 4614 was delivered and awaits moving to Winchcombe.

Yes it is the same carriage. One side is green the other madder (undercoat maroon). It looks to be in reasonable condition but there are a few areas that will undoubtedly get looked at.

There was some work in virtually all areas of C&W today. So starting with FO 3132 John and Ken were working on one of the removed window frames. first they stripped out the trim and removed the glass.

I left them fathoming out how to straighten out the obvious twist in the frame.

In the workshop working on TSO 5023. was Russ who was undercoating the window frames.

Maurice having painted the underframe of the Guards seat.

was working on his second job of then day; painting the frame. This is the frame for the woodwork store. Is so big its being built in three (I think its 3) parts and assembled in the store.

Having mentioned woodwork, there was plenty going on with Paul working on the construction of new doors for the goods van in the paintshop.

and Eddie preparing some more door liner sections.

Up stairs Penny was cleaning some horse hair for seat lining

while Dave

and john were covering the last 2 seat bases for the set.

Finally in the paintshop Dave

 and Trevor were still finding areas to clean up and fill

while I painted the first coat of hi-build black on the far end of the roof and finished the etch priming of the near end.

The final picture raises a question. This seat cushion appeared in the upholstery shop.

Where did it come from and what is anybody expecting to happen to it?

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Tuesday - Painting and stripping

Report by Dave Clark

Just nine in today, with Richard J popping in later on after a meeting at Toddington, and John Hamer coming in to prepare the Barn for the return of the carriage jacks the next day. 

The last two seat backs for SK 25451 have been completed and are now stacked on the left. There are in fact still two more seats cushions to do, both of which were taken to the work tables.

Returning to the Upholstery shop later in the day found John Hughes, Vivian and Dave beginning the dismantling process.

Undercoating on TSO 5023 continued with Cheryl completing two windows

Further along the coach Tony Barnard completed some post-greying filling, and then moved round to the wallside to do the same.

By the end of the day he was re-greying all his sanded down filling, with everything just about completed down to the centre door on the Malvern side. We should soon be undercoating this side now.

In the Paintshop a lot of progress was made on the Santa coach. On the Malvern side Dennis was busy removing transfers,  Dennis has just passed out as a TTI well done.

while Ainsley was raking out loose paint and filler at the other end. With yet more raking out done, both gave the whole side a light sand down.

The Santa coach paint had suffered badly on some of the aluminium panelling that had been put on to cover windows and doorways. After trying some general sanding and scraping on Saturday, today Graham and I resorted to paint stripper. 

This turned out to a generally successful, albeit with some repeated doses required and a lot of hard scraping at times.

By close of play we had stripped all but two of the bad panels.The remainder are fine and just need a light sanding down with the odd bit of filler where required.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Saturday - Confusing

It was definitely a confusing day.

Having brought Satna's Grotto carriage straight into the paintshop because TSO 5023 still has a lot of work needed to complete it before full painting can commence. We were plunged into preparation sanding, filling etc. in the paintshop again.

This was largely in the form of Malcolm and myself cleaning the roof ready for painting and then applying most of the etch primer required before the black hi-build paint goes on. We were joined later in the day by Andy starting work on the Cotswold side.

Even Dave was caught cleaning up the base of a guard's seat.

In the workshop on the other hand undercoating of 5023 had commenced with Alex and Bob in action.

There is still some filling to be done at the northern end and that was in the capable hands of George.

It the upholstery shop John Hill and jenny set themselves a target.

Convert this piece of cloth into a finished seat....... no problem...... but by the end of the day. That was a challenge.

Having assessed the flooring in northern end vestibule of 5023 Steve concluded it had to be replaced so up it comes.

While he was at it and before we start panelling the vestibule a water tank test was called for. good job some loose connections were found and sorted.

 Out in the barn a large group set about 3132. This isn't so much a first open now as an open first having 4 windows removed.

Fortunately John Osborn was on hand to start repairing the metal work.

The first replacement panel going in

and duly fitted and welded in place. After the picture I got the metal primer out to protect it from future rust.

One of the windows is supposed to be going straight back in but we found the cause of not being seated properly in the carriage. The frame is twisted so the glass will have to come out for the frame to be straightened before reassembly.

On the northern end of 3132 John Squires was starting work on the emergency brake system.

It all has to come of for welding repairs to the end anyway.

So while its off it will get a thorough clean and overhaul.

John was also in action on the lathe producing a set of 16 replacement bushed for the corridor connection.

The old on the right hand and the new on the left.

While the carriage jacks are away for service we are overhauling one of the brake vans. The roof is rotting at the edges and the canvass cover is loose. So Phil and Richard set about removing it.

An easy job!

We now have to get the roof repaired and a new canvass to go on top!

The good news is that the carriage jacks should be ready to return fully serviced and recertified next week.

It could be a busy week in the yard as we are also expecting some bogies and another carriage to arrive!

Just after afternoon tea Andy and I went to see how John and Jenny were getting on with the seat. It was a close run thing

but duly turned over and brushed off, job done.

As this was the last seat back in the set of seats for 25451 it was signed and dated.

This doesn't mean job done quite. There are still 2 seat basses to do, oh and the rest of the carriage inside and out!

At least this has prompted the promotion of 25451 up the priority list for work later in the year.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Thursday - Flat Battery

There is a carriage where the batteries are not in very good health and when to replace them is under constant review. However, it was the battery in my phone/camera that went flat today so there are very few pictures to share tonight.

With a shunt expected early in the day a group took advantage of the early sunshine to wash some of the third rake carriages while members of the Maintenance Gang checked out the running gear.

Roger and Alan started the day working on refitting the toilet wall and communication cord pull in TSO 5023. Outside some minor filling and sanding was completed before the first shunt of the day took place. The camera lasted long enough to take the vital pictures of the day SK 25743 was shunted out into the yard.

And Santa gave permission for us to let his Elves have a rest and repaint the grotto for him. Once in the paintshop. We once again had to accept sanding in the paintshop. Malcolm and I started on stripping the peeling paint from the roof and Richard Hoy set about the Cotswold side while Dave investigated the southern end.

I think the next picture was the end of my battery and perhaps belongs on the motive power blog; the desiel section. Visitors to the railway running an interesting test vehicle. We can provide a much longer test track for the equipment than they have back at their own works.

Late in the day the second shunt of the day took place combining 25743 with the third rake and shunting the complete rake to Toddington ready for the week end.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Wednesday - Busy Cleaning Windows

With the lining out completed yesterday we were on the final clean up of SK 25743. So a team gathered and set about the task. the main focus of this was cleaning the windows, not just from the paint splashes but from the accumulated grim of years.

John Hughes



and Dave who was vacuuming the dust from the roof! Well if rains, as forecast, we don't want the dust streaking the new paintwork do we?

Rod can only join us for the afternoons at present so he got the short straw of updating the date of the last overhaul on the sole bar.

John Hamer was fitting the three ceiling sections back in the Cheltenham end vestibule.

There was a suggestion we could leave it out put a notice the effect that this was the result of war damage. It the end we went for put it back in place.

The carriage is looking just about ready to be shunted out Thursday morning to join the third rake for the war week-end event.

Rod wasn't alone is lettering as I finished the labelling of the third gantry; this one is for the corridor connectors. It has a 350 Kg load limit.

Ralph was busy cleaning up and checking the hinge bolts on 3132 ready for the removal of the doors. This will allow a bit of a head start on them once the doors for 5023 are completed.

Craig (pictured here) and Mike were each working on the reaming two doors for 5023.
Craig was preparing and fitting a section of the door pillar liner.

No the wood is not warped, it does show just how much of a curve there is to the side of the mark 1 carriage. Just over a 28foot radius!

Paul was making a new section of panelling for door and sanding the edge to the correct profile.

It the upholstery shop John Hill and Penny were starting on the recovering of one seat back.

While Dave was removing the cover of the next one.
Here the results of his efforts a mass or removed staples and a few of washers from the arm rest bolts!