Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Tuesday - 3 Richard Day

We are usually swamped by David's and John's but today it was 3 Richard's.

There are advantages to Tuesday being a slightly quieter day. With Richard Johnson in it was an ideal opportunity to take stock of where we are.

25743, which is now in the paintshop, needs to be completed in time for the Gala. So we have under 6 weeks to complete the painting and finishing of the carriage. Richard Hoy was working his round the carriage and some how I missed taking a picture. Sorry Richard. Providing we can finish up the sanding this week we are on target.

This will be followed by TSO 5023 so it would be good to have that completed ready for painting at the same time. Today John Hamer progressed the capping strip on the centre door.

There are still 2 doors and a corridor connector to be put back in place at present but that seems reasonable. Most of the filling has already been done.

The scene of most of the activity today was FO 3132 in the barn. John Hamer, Richard and I carried out a 'survey' of the carriage and worked out a plan of attack.

An attack it will be.

Richard Stone following 'the plan' drilled out the rivets and removing the first window frame. The window glass was broken when the carriage arrived on the railway.

This revealed the challenge ahead. I'm sure this is supposed to be some metal in here!

Richard went on to start cleaning up the window frame.

Richard Johnson started on removal of the old taped lining.

A little gentle heat for the heat gun and it peals off. Sometimes. The rest of the time the scrapper has to be used.

Dave painting the roof, Alex one side and Cheryl round the other side made great progress on the Barry Wagon. This is being spruced up to join the discovery coach on Platform 1 at Winchcombe.

The sun was out but hi-vis vests make a mess on a lot of pictures!

For much of the day we were joined by the Fire extinguisher service team checking and re certifying all the extinguishers at Winchcombe.

In a quiet few minutes I marked up the new gantry for the equipment list. CWG3 Carriage and Wagon Gantry number 3.

I have to do the SWL weight marking tomorrow.

Clive continued his painting of the LNWR van

In the upholstery shop Dave striped the first DMU double seat back ready for pattern making and in the far distance Vivian finished the stitching on a seat base.

Now back at home and with this blog published I have to write up phase 1 of the plan for 3132.


Monday, 30 March 2015

Saturday 29th March Plenty of choice

Report by Dave Clark

Initially we thought we were in for a quiet day with just a few in, but by mid-morning we were back up to strength and in all parts of the Works. As for what to do, it's a case of take your pick with the number of vehicles that are
currently being worked on.

Although we have been in our new building for more than a year now, there are still things to do. With all the compressed air piping now painted in light blue, Paul Ellis started on the gas pipework in the Paintshop, initially using undercoat cream over the red primer. These will be top coated in yellow.

Clive continued with the LNWR van, filling some of the cracks in the woodwork, prior to some more light grey undercoating.

George sanded down much of the remaining filler on the Cotswold side of SK 25743.

While Ainsley cleaned up the edges of the top end doorway and frame on the Malvern side. It is essential to remove most of the old paint to keep the thickness at a sensible level when repainting and ensure that the doors do not stick.

John Hamer has done a great job on the worst of the three sticking doors on the Cotswold side.

With the new capping strip successfully fitted he is cleaning up the woodwork before applying filler.

Back in the Workshop, Chris was busy with the Cotswold side centre door of TSO 5023.

Steve was busy fitting toilet panelling and skirting in the north end of the coach.

John Squires was battling with a tight-fitting nut at the end of one of 5023's tank filler pipes.

John Osborn was busy soldering another leaking toilet tank.


James continued building another part of the large storage frame for the wood container. The final construction of the individual sections will have to be done in the container.

A two-in-one shot taken from the scaffold tower by the Barry wagon.
While I was putting the first top coat of the lovely Graphite Grey high-build paint on the van roof,
in the background Richard Stone was busy sanding the paint off the windows of FO 3132 to reveal the rivets.

Ken was busy cleaning up underneath another window. Some of the windows on this coach will need to be taken out to have the underlying sheet metal replaced.

 Phil had already started working on the inside of 3132, initially cleaning up the main lighting switch. Here he is busy replacing one of the cupboard locks.

 the Woodwork shop Dave Rogers is cutting wood ready for another roll-on/roll-off table to go with the borer machine.

Upstairs John hill was busy rebuilding another DMU seat.


Having completed all the priming on the new internal panelling in the Model Railway coach, Robin is busy applying cream undercoat.

Finally, Paul was again doing a great job supplying the beverages throughout the day - 1100 tea break coming up!.



Thursday, 26 March 2015

Thursday-Back to action

We returned to normal today following the weekend recruitment fair and the shunt to move things back into place.

The new carriage into the barn and the next challenge is first open FO 3132

The rust is in all the classic places.

Under and around the bottom window corners.

 A lot of the windows are in a similar state.

The end sections behind the corridor connections and probably the crash pillars.

Some windows are OK but they are being checked. Some of the rivets on this window will need attention.

Ken started on the process of easing the bolts to remove the corridor connections.

Phil sorted out some replacement internal door locks that are missing

and fixed the lighting so that we can see what we are doing.

With so much to do we are going to set out a plan of action so that we keep everything happening in a co-ordinated approach.

so lots for the new volunteers to get stuck into!

First comes the 25743 now in the paintshop but still with some sanding to do.

Dave Hancox at one end

Jeff at the other

In the workshop Tony Barnard and |I were working on preparations of TSO 5023

Paul was cleaning up the door glass. Cleaning of this nature is always a good sign of progress!

 Malcolm was setting about the long task of connecting the rubber part of the corridor connection at the Cheltenham end.

Inside Alan and Roger have started on refitting the panelling in the toilet, but with two of them in there, there was no room for me to get a picture!

When there is a gap in activity for any group in the department we try to take the opportunity do some prep work ready for the future.

The welding team were taking such an opportunity today. John Osborn was assessing up the a repair to one of the small water tanks that fit in the wall of the toilets of carriages. These have soldered joints and are prone with age to leak.

The maintenance team have replaced some offending tanks and John is re-solders them. This is just one of several they have brought in recently.

Peter Holt from the maintenance team with another one!

a different challenge for John.

Variety and all that makes a change

Once done a water test. Just to prove a point.

We never doubted.

We are also reminded that we are Carriage AND Wagon Department so her work continues on minor repairs to the BR wagon. That's not British Rail by the way its Barry Railway. More details of the wagon will appear in the next Cornishman.

Dave is also continuing work on the Gun Powder van in platform 2 but I forgot to take a picture when I went up to talk with him. Sorry Dave!

Work is progressing well with one side of the roof now glowing white and the sides turning black again after some red oxide treatment earlier in the week.

Michael does a lot of varnishing for us but here its a telegraph box for S&T.

He was also painting several other panels as well today.

Robin who work both in C&W and on the model railway was painting the interior of the model railway carriage today.

Another example of inter departmental co-operation.

S&T are busy cleaning old paint from some signal posts.

Today Ken ran out the compressed air line and lent them the needle gun. Its very good at such work.

 PS Thanks to Dave for several of today's pictures.