Friday, 30 January 2015

Thursday 29th Jan - Tony's in, chips again!

Report by Dave Clark

Another very busy day with 25 attending, including the Maintenance Team as it was a Thursday. At lunchtime the crowded mess room also had the mouth watering aroma of Winchcombe Chip Shop pervading the air - thanks again Tony for the chips!

The "Dirty Gang" along the the Maintenance Team were working in the Barn on the brake rigging and other jobs on BSO 9000. The 03 shunter was coupled up for a brake test. This was successful and subsequently 9000 was returned to the Chocolate & Cream rake. SO 4763 has been riding a bit rough so that's the next one in for checking.

Paul spent the day up at the station doing some more cleaning on the Cotswold side of the rake.

In the Upholstery shop John Hughes was busy attaching more arm rests to side panels for SK 25451. As can be seen from two of these and the seat back, this coach will look very smart when all this work has been completed and the seating reinstated.

We have had a lot of deliveries over the past two weeks. This time six rolls of LMS design moquette which will be used when we reupholster the seating in our new FO 3132.

TSO 5023 is still in the cold and airy Barn, but Alan and Ron had made their open compartment very cosy with sheets over the corridor exits and a small fan heater. They are steadily reinstating the clean and revarnished sections that fit above each window.

In the Workshop progress on the V.I.C. continues apace. The two display boards, having been given an initial coating of pale green emulsion by Des on Wednesday, was second-coated by Bob.

Robin was sitting down on the job (who can blame him!) and painting the new skirting boards in undercoat cream.

Tony was busy with the wood primer again, this time coating the new panelling in the central corridor.

Dave Hancox was applying white paintable sealant to the backs of the new beading on the sides of the doorway entrances. These were installed by Steve Barnfield to hold the new rubber seals.

It had been an excellent day in the V.I.C. Nearly all the recently installed woodwork had been primed, most of the previously primed areas undercoated in cream and the display board frames painted in undercoat white. If all goes well on Saturday we should be into more initial, and even second, top coating. Overall the gentle colours used within the coach have given it a very restful atmosphere and should provide a fine background to the displays.

In the Paintshop, Malcolm was cleaning up the canvas roof of the LNWR Van. This will be given two fresh coats of our light grey roof emulsion mix. Malcom had previously removed one of the doors on the Cotswold side on the van ready for repair - the second one was more difficult to remove and will need a little "gentle persuasion"!

On Wednesday, Russ Smith had continued with the lining out on FK 13326. It just needs the door furniture to be painted in gloss black to complete this part of the coach. Russ also re-stained and varnished the veneer panelling on the door back to bring it back up.

On the Cotswold side Maurice and Martin completed the lining out, with Cheryl and Jeff doing the same on the Malvern side, leaving just a final section to be completed by Maurice much later in the day. So basically, just some paintwork tidying up here and there, completion of the blackwork on the two sides, some more sprucing up on the interior door panelling, and we are finished. 

During the day Dennis Richards was checking and replacing as necessary the vacuum and steam heating hoses on the coach, in this instance the north end steam hose.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Tuesday 27th - Progress all round

Tuesday's saw 13 signed in again with the skills set such that there was work in all areas again.

The upholstery shop had Dave Dron Vivien and John Hughes working away.

Dave acting as tutor/guide to continue the spread of the knowledge and techniques involved in restoring the carriage seats.

In the yard Pete Fisher continued work on the ballast wagon while John Hamer took delivery of two bogies returning from wheel turning.

After a problem with one of the lorries it was a two unit delivery one hauled the bogies in the other lifted them off and back onto the tracks.

Richard Stone was spent a lot of time also in the yard cleaning the algae from the side of the model railway TPO carriage. This is coming in for a quick repaint after 13326 is completed.

 In the VIC work continued on the interior filling

and priming.

while the Anderson Shelter for the war week-end got its first etch primer coat.

In the paintshop a push was on to get the lining out done on 13326. Richard was painting one of the top lines and Cheryl one of the lower lines.

No we haven't started acrobatic circus training to save on step.

a slightly different camera angle shows Richard isn't standing on Cheryl's head.

Dave and I were busy on the other side. On Wednesday Russ did some more lining out.

As you only need a little paint for the lining out we transfer it to small pots. These pots build up film in time which peals out. This one made a fine yellow pot of its own!

Monday, 26 January 2015

Volunteering better than the gym!

As you may have seen elsewhere the railway is holding a recruitment fair on the week-end of March 21st and 22nd but why volunteer?

Well some research has been going on within the department.

For instance you often read about the extensive shunting carried out by the department. Its so much easier re-organising stock on the model railway! Richard wears a step counter and during the recent two shunts has walked 19,000 steps about 9.5 miles and just over 14,500 steps or 6.87 miles. on the latter one Andy Thompson was lead shunter and walked a lot further.

There has also been a large reorganisation of spare seat frames, each of which is very heavy. At least 20 seats and backs were lifted out of two carriages and after moving them around the yard they were lifted back up into another carriage.

On Saturday we moved the recovered timbers from a pile on one side of the workshop first to the centre using a 6 man chain.
and then onto a pipe wagon shunted into the workshop for loading.

another rotating 8 man chain.
So and why waste your time running nowhere and lifting weights to nowhere when you can put real purpose into both and save the vast expense of joining the gym.
Membership of the GWSR is very reasonable and the efforts very rewarding.

Saturday 24th - first day back

As it was my first day in for a couple of weeks it was interesting to see what had changed.

As we enter the workshops through the paintshop the state of whatever is in there hits you. The change in 13326 was no let down as it now gleams.

And while lining out is continuing

Richard was applying the last of the transfers. Not long now.

While it wasn't ready for shunting out there was a large shunt with the Friends of Winchcombe shed, otherwise known as the LNWR wagon from the platform 2 bay. This was brought into the paintshop for a makeover but it needs to dry out and gave some TLC before the painting starts.

While the shunt was in progress there was an opportunity to take a long shot of the other carriages currently being restored.

The VIC has already left the paintshop

And is undergoing further interior fitting out.

While TSO 5023 is making good progress with the doors on the Malvern side now all functional.

Geoff's Gibbet has shown is usefulness to the extent that a second slightly larger version has been build for use with the corridor connections freeing up the first one for its original use, as a door hoist.

Head of OTC Richard Summers discusses the RBr gas system with Dennis, a qualified calor gas engineer and fortunately for us a volunteer and John Hamer. The gas system has to be certified annually.

Dennis set about overhauling the systems switch over value (changing from an empty bottle to a full bottle).

While Ken set about dismantling a spare.

Another smaller change was Ken's creation of a broom rack. Now we know where to find them. In the past they seemed to hide very easily. The lazy things, now they just hang around!

while out in the yard I took a look under the ballast wagon to see Pete Fisher's progress. the central doors are/ were in a very bad state but Pete is certainly making good progress with the restoration.

John Hamer was working on the brake rigging for one of the RBr bogies.

a trip to the upholstery shop found Penny, John hill and Jenny cutting the next set of arm rest covers from the role of moquette.

only just in time as Dave was finishing of an armrest.

Penny has also been doing some more painting. this time the signal box at Winchcombe.

more painting, this time the interior doors of the VIC.
 more parts are lined up ready for painting.

some of which George got done priming the second set of corridor connection woods for 5023.