Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Holiday what holiday?

With another 8 volunteers in attendance on Tuesday there was steady progress on both the VIC and TSO 5023.

On the VIC John applied the final top coat of paint to the outside of the guards area.

Des did some more prep work on the panelling roughly marking the area that will be covered by the display board.

Richard H finished the Lining out

And then painted the 'fittings' and door stubs.

Stuart and I continued with the filing and sanding on TSO 5023 finishing the day by starting a final coat of grey before undercoating.

Richard J and Phil were in to do a short shunt reorganising the third rake by removing 25341 which is in need of repaint and already has half of its seats out as the upholstery team are part way through  recovering them. Their main target however was to adjust the brakes on the P'Way train BG, the brake car come team restaurant carrage. After a thorough oil and adjustment all seems to be working well again. Crawling out from underneath was rather harder!

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Like peas in a pod

Many thanks again to  Dave Clark for this and all the other reports he does for the blog.

Just seven in today so we somewhat rattled around like very small peas in a very large pod!

In the Workshop one of Ken's jobs was cleaning up one of the end steps from TSO 5023.

Phil was once again busy rebuilding electrical connections - the photo shows the three internal terminals into which the wires have just been soldered.

Paul Ellis, later joined by myself, carried on checking and sanding remaining areas on the side of TSO 5023. It has taken quite a bit of effort to sort out the side of this coach, the window rubbers in particular covered in crusted paint. However, the main area between the two end doors has been dusted down ready for a wipe over with thinners and a final overall coating of undercoat grey.

In the Paintshop Tony and Alex, working on the upper and lower lines respectively, 

almost completed the lining out on the Malvern side of the V.I.C. Just a bit more on the black part of the top line will complete the job.

Steve Barnfield had a very good day in the V.I.C., initally completing the curved strips marking the two ends of the panelling. I spent more time filling in screw holes and seams between the panels - I have done more than probably necessary, but no firm decision has yet been made as to the exact positioning of the overlying 4-foot sections of MDF which will form the base board for the railway map and timeline.

Steve also completed the thresholds for the two north sets of double doors, spending a lot of time ensuring both open and close properly. 

With the north compartment completed as far as currently possible, he then began building the framework in the south compartment ready for infilling with the thick insulation.

in the afternoon four of us decided to enjoy a quick trip to Laverton and back, initially visiting the Model Railway coach being run today by Robin Moore, another C&W stalwart. We joined Paul Wood (having a day off) and his son Chris in the RBr before they alighted at Toddington.

The train looking very atmospheric in the chill air.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Final Tuesday before Christmas

Another good day with 8 in attendance. it would have been 9 but Richard Hoy spent the day helping out in the coffee pot after a late plea for help.

thanks to Dave for the pictures and assistance with

We again worked on all three carriages in the works. Richard Stone continued prep work on 13326 in the barn.

 while Stuart

Ben and I did more of the same on TSO 5023 in the workshop.

Work on the VIC included Alex was painting the top Yellow line.

while I removed a few of the screws securing the panelling to create a some counter sinks. Some of the screw heads were rather to proud but no more.

Dave followed on filling the screw heads ready for painting, 

John Hughes did some more finishing in the Guards area.

The Tuesday opening is starting to prove its worth.


C & W will be open on Tuesdays and Saturdays until the new year.

Happy Christmas and a happy new year to you all. 

Saturday 20th December

Birthdays and cakes galore!    Report by Dave Clark

20 signed in today, so we were active over the whole Works again. We were utterly spoilt in the Mess Room with a mountain of cakes, mince pies and biscuits appearing, some of it from James and George, both celebrating their birthdays earlier in the week.

The early morning cuppa and chat before the hard work starts.

While we have definitely finished with varnishing our running coaches because of the cylinder oil deposits from the steam locos, the Cotswold side of the V.I.C. is being done because this is the "weather side" and the vehicle is a non-runner. Cheryl made an early start.

Inside the coach Steve carefully cuts out another section of insulation. I meant to get a picture of this compartment at the end of the day because it had been transformed with nearly all the base panelling in place.


On the Malvern side Jeff taped up the lower line and I followed with the black paint.

The tape was removed immediately after each section was completed.

A quick visit to the station to capture Alex, this time dressed as an elf and enjoying a well-earned break before the next Santa Special arrived. While there I also met a "plain clothes" Roger Whicker, who was also taking a break from being Father Christmas.

Coming under the "Somebody has to do it!" category, and doing a very useful job in the Woodwork and Doors shop, was Nicky cheerfully cleaning the dust coated windows.

Inside TSO 5023 Paul continues his cleaning activities. Later in the day he was cutting some strips from the roll of rubber material in the store room - I forgot to ask what it was for, but covering the cleaned gangway floor in 5023 to keep our mucky boot prints off it immediately springs to mind.


Outside the coach John Hawkins is applying more filler to the Cotswold side. Last week it looked as though we could give this side a final coat of light grey paint, but closer inspection of the upper half revealed a lot more pits and troughs that were not so obvious from ground level.

At the south end of the coach George is also adding more filler after doing similar work on the Malvern side.


John Squires cleaning up more sheet metal

prior to it being welded in place and then angle ground smooth by James.

Later in the day James looks at the completed left hand side of the north end of 5023. It's been quite a job to sort out this badly corroded end of the coach, but we're nearly there.

More progress in the Malvern side south end doorway with Chris fitting the overhead and top left hardwood sections of door frame. Note both the old and new door identification "5023/5W/3" chalked on the top door panel.

In the Paintshop John Squires removes the end cap from the steam heat pipe underneath the replace the somewhat battered one on 5023.

In the Barn, Paul Ellis sands down the large area of filler on the north end of FK 13326.

While Derek fitted a new step on the Cotswold side north end door.

With the PWay Mess Coach back on the refurbished bogies, John Hamer measures the height of the buffers above ground level.
Unfortunately the coach body was very slightly listing to one side and despite being run around the yard refused to level out.


Closer inspection revealed that packing had in the past been placed under the springs on the Cotswold side, which would be very difficult to remove without a major strip down of the bogie.


Finally, Dave and Penny were busy in the Upholstery shop during the morning re-covering more of the folding arms from the large seat backs from SK 25451. The stripping down and re-covering of the seats from this coach is proceeding rapidly.


Monday, 22 December 2014

Thursday 18th December

Report by Dave Clark

Numbering in the twenties, another good crowd in today, and some decent weather too!

A very important job for today was to get the remaining pedestal liners welded back onto the bogies in the Barn, ready for the swap with the bogies on the PWay Mess Coach. 

Also spotted in the Barn was the new sprung safety gate that Ken has made for the long platform. I tried it and it works a treat - well done Ken! Now, who did the art work?! It wasn't me! :-)

Other jobs done the day before were the initial top coating in Executive Light Grey in the V.I.C south compartment and on the door backs, the completion of the second top coat cream on the Malvern side, 

and the creation of the first curved section of the internal panelling using the former that was pictured in the blog for Saturday 13th December.

Jeff completed the second top coating of GWR Brown on the Malvern side of the V.I.C,

and I started on the lining out at the south end.

Michael added a second coating of gloss black on the hand rails and window bars from the V.I.C. It won't be long before these are being reinstated.

Most of the work today was based on TSO 5023 in the Workshop. Robin was busy painting more ceiling panels.

During the morning Paul removed the tables from the south end of 5023 ready for Robin to repaint the metal fittings in silver Hammerite.

In the south end vestibule, Roger and Tony were putting back one of the compartment door pillars.

Ron and Alan were sanding down the heater deflectors.

Tony refitting the rail for the corridor 
sliding door.

While Malcolm was busy outside the vestibule sanding down more filler.

John Varley compares the repaired U part of the corridor connection with another. The top gap will be left, leaving just the bottom left section to be added to complete the job.

John using the plasma cutter to produce another piece of sheet metal for the north end.

Towards the end of the day Ron and Tony use the Woodwork shop to sand down more veneer panelling.

We had a very nice surprise when Robin Townshend (former manager of Elegant Excursions) popped in on his way to Broadway. He sends his best wishes to everyone.

Phil's comment when I took the photo was "Another one of me doing this? People will think I do nothing but rebuild coach electrical connections". 

Our sanders have a hard time but thankfully Malcolm is able to obtain new parts, as well as robbing broken ones, to make repairs and keep enough going for us to use. Happily this one was rescued!

During the day, our Maintenance Gang popped in to inspect the buckeye couplings on the V.I.C.

Who says we're always serious at C&W?! Honouring our "Dirty Gang"  who do a great job on everything under the sole bar, whether it's bogies, wheelsets, vac cylinders or  steam pipes.