Sunday, 30 November 2014

Saturday A lovely late Autumn day

Report by Dave Clark

The first day of this year's Santa Specials and what a glorious one it was. All very atmospheric with the early fog, but clearing to lovely warm sunshine and blue skies. It couldn't have been better for the visiting families and all available tickets were sold. I had to go up to the station several times during the day and what a lovely happy atmosphere it was. It was quietish again in C&W with a smaller number in again, but some very useful jobs were done. 

Taking a break from C&W, Alex enjoyed his day helping out in the Coffee Pot Cafe - it certainly made a change from coach painting.

While Andy had a change from the  "dirty gang" and was Guard on the train instead. 
During his check before the first train ran he spotted a missing dynamo belt on SO 4790, which Richard and Ian sorted out later in the day when the rake was at Winchcombe. 

The Workshop demolition continued with the large kerb stone unfortunately cracking away. However most of the visible section was saved and was placed outside by the pallets of bricks and granite blocks.

Ian and Ken, with a drill borrowed from PWay, sorted out the remaining large lumps and evenly spread the rubble in preparation for eventual concreting.

There was a lot going on with TSO 5023, starting with George resuming the filling and sanding on the Workshop side. It won't be long before the green finally disappears when we complete the greying up.

Inside 5023 Paul begins the major clean up in the two compartments now that most of the work has been completed in both of these.

John Squires and James discuss the next jobs with this somewhat problematical end of the coach.

A close-up of the recently completed bottom corner at this end.

James cleans up his latest welding.

All the remaining lengths of timber from the Office and Store demolition ended up stacked in the Barn. With these now needed for the panelling framework in the V.I.C., Bob Keyte and I transferred them to the Woodwork shop ready for conversion to the required sizes. Paul kindly helped us with the unloading - after all it was his car in the background! 

Inside the V.I.C. Steve continued installing the framework for the panelling. There was quite a lot done at the north end by the end of the day.

Richard completed all the remaining taping up on the Malvern side of the V.I.C.

While at the other end Bob started the undercoating. It was good to see some colour appearing on this side at last.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Thursday - a quieter day

Report by Dave Clark

A very much quieter day compared with the record breaking 37 in attendance a week ago. Where's everybody gone? It was still busy though, with the annual lifting equipment and tackle inspection, and for the V.I.C. the receipt of a book of marmoleum samples for the floor covering and the induction loop equipment.

In the Paintshop Michael quietly resumes the varnishing of the ever growing mountain of bits from TSO 5023.

On the Cotswold side of the V.I.C. at the south end Cheryl continues the lining out, initially taping up, 

and then carefully painting the black stripe. The previous day, Russ Smith had started the upper line at the north end. 

With less competition on the Malvern side as it was a quieter day, Richard, Robin and Jeff 
completed the filling/sanding and base coat preparation.

Later in the day, Richard applies the undercoat cream to one of the door edges. Taping up ready for lining out on this side has also been started.

John Hughes has done a great job cleaning up the guards compartment in the V.I.C., the desk in particular was in a very dirty state internally. John is now applying undercoat cream to the desk top. 

Our electrician Steve Long is busy with the rewiring. Overall progress with the V.I.C. is continuing at a fast rate.

With the need to increase our skill base, Eddie came in specially to give some training to Alan, Ron and Roger, who are part of the new group who will assist with some of the woodworking tasks.

In the new building Robin varnishes one of the Woodwork shop doors, adding a bit of woodstain to a scuff.

In the Workshop Phil repairs a spot light (I forgot to ask him where this was from).

John Osborn and John Varley discuss sheet metal working, the former holding his newly curved section while the latter prepares to cut another piece out of the large sheet, both for the north end of TSO 5023. 

John Varley bores holes into his new piece of sheeting, which match up with the bolts used to attach the hard wood for the corridor connection. 

The compartment interiors are also progessing well. Ron reattaches one of the cleaned vent covers.

Wednesday - update

I only arrived in time for the management meeting this evening and took the opportunity to grab a few pictures.

Richard who arrived at about the same time set too and applied the transfers to the painted side of the VIC. It's unusual to have one side so far in advance of the other. The hold up being dealing with all the doors on what will be the plateform side. As you can see the VIC is reverting to,it's original number W 80893
The work on the doors still continuing with more sealant being applied by Paul.

and round the window frames by Rod.

Des was working on the battery box not that it will be used but it will look right.

Dave was working on the door.

Des had already painted the emergency coupling.

In the wood work shop Mike was completing the door panelling on another of the doors for 5023

while Ralph fixed the door hinges.

Also in the woodwork shop Dave Ward started making a tool trolley for the engineering section.

by the time I arrived he was busy clearing up.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Tuesday - turning up the heat

Today we hit a new record of 7 signed in which turned up the amount of work we could achieve. we also had to turn up or rather turn on the heating for the paintshop for the first time this winter but not for long, just to take the chill off.

Cheryl was in her usual spot this time lining out by painting the lower black line having taped up.

She was joined today on this side by Vivian who joined us today. Vivian also works with the friends of Winchcombe working on the gardens.

Today she started out touching up the window edges.

On the other side Dave, pictured, and Richard continued the preparation work on the doors.

Pete Fisher completed the underframe plating on the barn end of 5023 and then started on restoring the body side and corner.

Coming in on a Tuesday gives him some uninterrupted, except for me taking pictures, space to work on the welding.

Richard Stone started by moving the blocks and bricks we have extracted from the floor over the last couple of work days. Another good supply is accumulating for Broadway.

We removed the rest of the blocks that need to be remove from the floor and started focusing on that big kerb stone.

It just has the feel of being a great threshold for a door way at Broadway.

We can move it up and down at one end but have yet to tackle the other end that sticks through the wall!

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Saturday - another busy day

Report by Dave Clark

Winchcombe was a hive of activity on Saturday, with Santa Special preparations well underway ready for next weekend, more buckeye training for the Loco Dept being run by Bob Mac, the third Winchcombe Priorities Meeting in the PWay Mess Coach, the third V.I.C Meeting in the C&W Office, a successful shunt, and all the usual things going on at the Works. We had another good number in. I was unable to capture everything going on, but the following will give a flavour of the day's activity.

Starting off with H&S essentials, T
he Railway's Fire Officer Phil Harbron was back and busily resupplying our First Aid boxes. Further boxes are to be installed in the Upholstery Shop and Mess Room, and a replacement one for the old Workshop.

In the Paintshop Tony Caulfield, and later Alex and George, painted in gloss black the handles and stops on the car park side of the V.I.C. 

With the upper and lower tapes removed on this side, lining out will begin on Tuesday. Almost three quarters of the coach has now been fully painted, but with so much more preparation to do on what will be the visitor side, plus the fact that we are often competing for work space, it will be a while before overall painting can be completed.

On the Railway side of the coach, Steve Barnfield resumed the fitting of the new doorway thresholds,

While Dennis Brown worked on the locking bolts to ensure they fit the new arrangement.

The framework for the V.I.C. display panelling so far installed by Steve at the north end.

The V.I.C. Project Group are very pleased with the progress that has been made to date. The third meeting yesterday both reviewed progress and outlined the next stages, and if all goes to plan the final result should be a splendid showcase for the Railway.

In the Workshop Derek resumed the floor demolition with yet more of the granite blocks taken up.

While Ken was busy producing what he said would be another useful tool but he didn't let on exactly what it would be.

In his time with C&W he has been responsible for creating a number of very useful additions to our tool base, so watch this space!

At the north end of TSO 5023, James cleans up another section of end panel repairs.

Later on I photographed him offering up a new corner section prior to spot-welding it in place.

In the Barn, at the south end of FK 13326, John Osborn pauses for the camera before welding in another corner repair. Thankfully this is the only major metalwork repair required on the coach - everything else has been, or can be, repaired with metal, fibre and ordinary filler.

Dennis Brown makes an adjustment to one of the bogies on "Gillian".

Thankfully, the problem with the bogies was resolved and the coach shunted out so that we could get 13326 onto the Jack road and complete our planned moves.

With 13326 in its new position, Paul Ellis resumes the sanding down of the metal filler on the rivet line where BR attached new skirt sections.

John Hawkins also worked on the coach, painting rust cure on further bad areas that had been raked out and as far as possible sanded clean.

During the day three of our C&W staff, John Appleton (pictured), Ron Woodruff and Malcolm Dickson, were among the group helping with Santa Special preparations by decorating the Maroon rake.